Working on my first build!


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I'm hoping to document my first two builds, as I'm making one for myself, and one for my boyfriend!

So far, we only have my helmet printed (Anubis + cat ears) which was printed on my Anycubic Vyper in PLA, and the cut parts have been welded together with a 3d pen! I'm ordering a soldering iron this week to even out those seams, though ;) The visor in the attached photo is from a cheapie kids' Master Chief mask I found at a liquidation centre next to my office, which I intend on heat forming to fit my build better.

Also featured in this photo is our repainted Mauler, which will be used for my boyfriend's suit. It was on a pretty solid sale at Walmart last year. So worth it. Still functions, too!
Welcome to the Cat Ear Brigade! Helmet looks really good, can't wait to see the rest of it.
Looking forward to the build! I need to get the cat ears done for my reach suit!
There's actually a couple files floating around that are one size fits most. Skookum Props comes to mind.

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