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Wheres the best place to get it and can you print on it?? im told it could screw up a printer pretty bad, do i need to have kinko's do it or something?

thanks (Soz for all the noob questions)

Office Max, Office Depot, Circuit City, all fine places to buy cardstock. And yes, of course you can print on it.
If you couldn't print on it, that would kinda defeat the purpose of using it for Pep, wouldn't it?
ty guys

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ragtagsoldier said:
go to staples they have 500 bulk for $9.99 each

That's rather expensive, you can get it cheaper on ebay. And can you stop with the gamercard thing DX?
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dude, thats cheap. i dont have a staples here and got mine at walmart for 15$ for 150 :p
um im gonna resin the outside of it once its done, then fiber glass on the inside, after that im lost..
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