Cheapest way to get wireless on a laptop?

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I don't know if this is the cheapest, but you can wi-fi your whole house with one linksys modem. Thats what I have and it costs about $100


don't use your neighbors network. they can mess with your computer if you do. the cheapest way costs about $40. if you look at the psp section in bestbuy you should see some cheap wifi modems that plug into the usb port of your desktop comp (you need one for this) and it will cover about half of your house.


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Just buy a 40 dollar Router from linksys.

40 dollar router? NO WAI!
this is what I have, it's easy to set up, easy to use, and it's durable(networking wise) it can handle more then 4 computers a 360 and a wii all on the same network at the same time.

also, it's covered for life, if it ever breaks, Linksys will send you a new one for free.

Don't get the PSP thing, DON'T hack into your neighbor's wireless connection. they can detect and convict you.

edit: did I mention it has a massive Wi-fi range? my laptop will work even at 100 ft from the house.


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wrap an ethernet cable around your cell phone and plug it into the ethernet slot.

It works as a network adapter surprising enough


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Dont use a wireless card on the side, use a usb wifi adapter, works so you can use it on a PC too. No matter what, stuff will be expensive, but I recommend the small wifi adapters, when you get anew laptop, it will have built in wifi card, so then your old one will be useless, but with a wifi adapter through USB, you could find a older PC or a friend who needs use of it.


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Like, Ironcobra, I have a linksys network at my house. It allows all my room mates to connect wirelessly from their laptops and desktops and could handle other devices if I wished. The signal strength is generally very good and people who come over to house really appreciate being able to connect to the internet on their machines (provided we share the auth keys). Wireless solutions are also great if it isn't your permanent place of residence :)

Oh bother...
NEVER connect to someone else's wireless without their permission. That is stealing. Mean ol' ppl stealing some grandma's wifi...shame of disgrace.
Be nice to your neighbors, especially if they haven't gone to the trouble to secure their connection or are trusting. There are tons of stores that gladly offer free wi-fi, so if you are really that cheap or internet deprived, then walk to the store and connect to that.
Also, if you are stealing someone's service, I wouldn't exactly share that on the internet XD.

Encrypt and password everything. If all else a bat and let it discuss the terms of wireless use XD
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Make sue your router is password protected, I forgot and my neighbors stole my internet for a whil, then when I found out, I password protected my router, so now whoever wants to use it, even us (when we wirelessly connect a new device) we have to type in a password to connect to the internet.


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lol, that sucks Frost, Mine isn't protected, but considering that the people in my town and around me are not tech savvy, I have no worries :D


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I had neighbors leechz0rin off mah intern3ts.

I hate it when people use your internet because it is faster, they download crap and kill your bandwith. I'll be playing online on my PC, and it goes from speedy to laggy and back. Thats when I checked who was on my router, found 4 other PC's other than mine, kicked them all off, then created a password.


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Interestingly, it's actually illegal to not have a password on your wireless network.
Might as well shove a router in the yard with a bunch of network cables and say "Hey everybody! Come get some internet that I actually agreed not to let others leech off of!"
But yeah. Using their network is just stupid.


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Simple Way.

Most laptops have wireless adapters built in , so , your covered there.

Get a Wireless Router.

Plug the ethernet cable of your cable/fios/dsl modem into your router internet port.

Get another ethernet port and plug it into your "1" port on the router and into your computer. - Internet for your computer.

Since you got a Wireless router , you can connect your laptop to your router.

Good Luck , and if you need any more help , tell me!