Children of Men

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The best movie making I've seen in years and years. Definitely in my top 5 for movie making. What a wonderful, and amazing film!!!
See them both.

Children of Men is fantasic film making in any way you look at it as Adam says. Completelty groundbreaking and very underrated by the critics.

It will become one of those cult films that people say years later... 'I can't believe that this didn't do better in the box office.'
You know i didnt think that it was the best movie in the world, BUT I absolutely loved the coordinated long shots that they did numerous times. My favorite is the one the night after in the hotel room and they head to their escape vessel at the end. It was about an 11 minute + or - shot which is soooo hard to pull off. I bet they did it a couple times but man.

As a filmmaker it is easier to do long shots like that in one take. Much easier because when you go to edit its just one shot with no cuts. Really awesome filmmaking just not the best film.

well, as a filmmaker it is VEEERRRRRY hard to do that. It helps the actors because they can stay in character better. Hopefully they didn't do more than one or two "full takes" of the war scene. Each one probably cost $100,000 to shoot with all the choreography. I can't believe that they did it without crossing over into the crew section. I must believe that they did, and later they edited them out, and edited explosions and things back in. It was just too perfect.

The movie is absolute gold.
Yeah watch that scene i mentioned again, notice the lens and how blood spatters on it then later it disapears. I watched it a few times and i couldnt see a cut. If they edited that it was a great edit, they had to be right on when filming each take to edit that so well.

I mean you cant draw out blood when it is on the lens.
i bought it a couple of weeks ago and OMG i love this movie!, as some of you were saying i love the editing and long camera shots and a good amount of suspense in it but i love the camera work
I haven't seen the actual movie, but here's one of those one-take things you were talking about. I found it on YouTube a while ago.

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Unique- that is one of my favorite shots in the entire movie. The whole thing had great cinematography and great acting (but Clive Owen is always a BA so what do you expect? I still need to see Shoot 'Em Up)
ZOMG how much did they pay that cameraman? that is amazing free hand (i forgot what it's called) camera handling.
Yeah pretty amazing film, the thing that makes it good to is the fact it could actually happen. It was shot beautifully. I really like Del Toro as well.
Will smith's I AM LEGEND can't wait for this one looks crazy! My guess it like i-robot but with blood hungry mutated creatures!
I haven't heard of the film Children of Men, is this a new movie?
Maybe they haven't shown it in Singapore yet??
Its newer but not in theaters anymore. Its already on dvd. Check it out its good.

The Will Smith movie I am Legend appears to be a remake of a great old Heston movie called Omega Man.
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