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Compleat: Deadmau5 Head

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Sithslayer78, Jan 26, 2010.


Which helmet should it be?

  1. Red classic

  2. Blue

  3. Green

  4. Black/Red

  5. Orange

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  6. Purple

  7. Gold (Au)

  8. Straight Silver

  1. Sithslayer78


    Yeah I had to finish up pretty fast When the Rave thingy was only a week away I kinda kicked the project into Overdrive. I added the EL wire on the day of the Rave. Its not completely done though, I have to make massive repairs, LOL.
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  2. Macattack64


    It'd be cool to add the el wire around the mouth.
  3. Namauri

    Namauri Jr Member

    Great work if its a necro post idc totally worth it!!!!
  4. SauceMonster

    SauceMonster New Member

    howd you get the eyes to shine so bright.
    im making a mau5head and want mine to be as bright.
    did you use leds?
    did i miss a section in this thread
  5. Sithslayer78


    They are Flashlight LEDS embedded inside Wiffleballs. The opaque but transluscent quality scatters the light across the wiffleball, making it a total light up. It only required one LED per eye. I thought it was implied, but I guess not haha.
  6. Sithslayer78


    Well, the Mau5 strikes again, this time at Halloween Rav3.0. (yes, I know its a bit late or so...) Anyway, the Mau5head fit right in with the other costumes and especially Kermit the frog. Here is moar Video and photos (at the same venue as last time).
    Using the light control
    The "floor"

    So depending on if i can get the materials, I may be casting multiple Mau5pheres and ears. I even hope to start selling them if all goes well. But, until then, Its just occasional "Raves" Expect another update/showing around April 1st, and maybe around new years!
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  7. kebanks

    kebanks New Member

    Wow, this is one of the most in-depth tutorials I've seen! Thanks for putting this together... I already botched my attempt at this however, haha. If you're lazy though, I did find a site where you can buy a head that looks pretty similar, and has the lights and all of the works. Did wonders at Monster Massive this year!

    You can check it out at Costume Heads, but it looks like they sold out for this year but will have more next year.

    Anyway, awesome job!
  8. cirocobama

    cirocobama New Member

    This is a great tutorial. If you give up, I think you can buy a Deadmau5 Head from CostumeHeads.com though.

    Here are some pics I took from the site:



  9. GySgt Gonzalez

    GySgt Gonzalez Jr Member

    This is awesome.

    Deadmau5 ftw
  10. Sithslayer78


  11. nsx7000

    nsx7000 New Member

    Hi @Sithslayer78,

    I was wondering if you could please post another link to the sphere file you made in pepakura for the deadmau5 head because the link on the first page of this thread is broken.

    Thanks ! :)
  12. hellonfire30

    hellonfire30 New Member

    for the eyes. thats a hard one maybe get a hamster ball, sand it down and gloss it or sumthing but im not sure if that will work. OH I KNOW get any round object the size of the eyes and vacuum form the eyes with plastic. for example hope this helps
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2017
  13. deadspace77

    deadspace77 New Member

    hell ya bro!! could you send me the file??
  14. deadspace77

    deadspace77 New Member

    dude if I ever make a deadmau5 helmet.. I'd try the vacuum form thing, and also why buy a helmet if you can make one? lol
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2017
  15. deadspace77

    deadspace77 New Member

    but what type of plastic do you use?
  16. Sithslayer78


    First post sphere link updated.

    Thanks for the input guys! hopefully ill plan on starting some casts for my friends soon, but for all you creators heres a helpful linky!
    Those are the details of the Mau5head uploaded by Deadmau5 himself!
  17. deadspace77

    deadspace77 New Member

    Dude thanks.. Those pics are very useful!
  18. Sithslayer78


    April Update

    Well, As promised, here is another installment of an update on the life of the Mau5head 1.0. April 2 Was the 3rd R4VE that the Mau5head was present for and it worked magnificently. It saw a bit more action and it got pretty beat up, but it should be fixable given some time. so, here is the 3rd installment of pictures of the Mau5head in action. (sorry if they get repetitive)
    at "the Booth"
    On the Floor:
    With (On) Friends
    Here are Videos but sorry for the sideways on some :( my iPod dun goofed.

    As for the future, I have obtained casting materials, but I wont be casting this Mau5head. Instead, I will be casting a newly made mau5 head made by using joel's Blueprints themselves. Look Forward to it. There might even be some electronics involved. But, Stay tuned for more updates and "Raves".
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 1, 2017
  19. Hijodelpremio

    Hijodelpremio New Member

    thats awesome.

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