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Compleat: Deadmau5 Head

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Sithslayer78, Jan 26, 2010.


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  1. Sithslayer78


    Alright, so I'm working on a Deadmau5 Head. For those of you who don't know who the hell i am going on about or what this head even looks like, There is a video that was made for his upcoming performance at Ultra. Here it is. (Clicky)

    Here are some of my plans, (if you can make any sense of them)


    And here is the Pepakura I made with a little help from my cousin's clicking and dragging.


    LINKY: http://www.4shared.com/file/ZV1dhmm6/sphere.html

    I was originally going to just reinforce a rubber ball/beach ball, but I couldnt find one big enough, so screw it.

    Feedback/tips are appreciated!
  2. GiR3892

    GiR3892 Well-Known Member

    DEADMAU5 IS AWESOME! this is going to be a good build :D

    XxCALIBERxX Member

    nice start....

    Cheers, Dave.
  4. mchammertime

    mchammertime Well-Known Member

    That's so crazy! I'm just starting one for me and a friend as well! You should make the openings in the pep file though, it would make it a lot easier and more accurate.
  5. Sithslayer78


    Alright, I haven't had much time with school and super glue/resin shortage, but with Snowmageddon, I FINALLY had time to work on my Mau5phere. The pepakura was a bit sloppy, but its getting covered in Bondo and velvet anyways :) . I also roughly mapped out where I'm going to be making cuts, so tell me what you think about it! Also, If your'e planning on making one, these sites can be VERY helpful.



    Anyways, here's what I got.



    Wearing the sphere:


    Mau5phere complete:


    Ear Template (tell me what you think about it...




    Tell me what you think about it, and Yes, i know the eyes need to be a bit closer...
  6. Giedrius

    Giedrius Jr Member

    ears: looks good

    only problem that is mouth, just a little to big, lover uper edge by one square ant it will be awsome,

    eyes just a little biger

    good job man

    im gona make my own red head, u inspired me to get listening to mau5
  7. golem95

    golem95 Member

    I agree, in the first pic you can see the whole mouth when looking at it straight on. Your mapped out mouth is just a bit too big, bring it in so that the edges of the mouth are couple cm closer and it would be perfect
  8. Artist 117

    Artist 117 New Member

    cool but maybe the ears could be styrofoam? just a thought...
  9. rundown


    HAHA Wy didnt i think of this :eek

    great dj :)
  10. Sithslayer78


    Alright, Update time! We have been getting EPICLY LUDRICRIOUSLY LARGE amounts of snow, but whenever its sunny and over 35 degrees F, i'm outside working on my helmets! As for the Mau5 head, i've made a lot of progress and hope to have it complete by March 20th, my friend's next "rave". So far, the Mau5phere is resined, and rondo-reinforced, and i believe it is much lighter than an acrylic ball. As for the red-ness, i plan on going to the fabric store and buying some incredibly stretchy velvet and going from there. Im going to make the mouth a bit smaller and cut out bits of it as i go along. I will also have LEDs inside of the eyes and Red LEDs along the top of the mouth.

    Correct! I had planned on using styrofoam, but got a much better deal when i looked at the supplies I had available. turns out i had a gigantic block of memory foam, so ill use that so if the ears get poked too much, nothing should happen. here are some pics of the ears.

    Supplies cut and ready


    essential layout




    as for the head itself, i've made the head hole so its as small as possible, and its reinforced. (just needs to be cleaned up a bit.)


    I agree on the eyes, and as for the mouth i know the curve needs to be smaller, but the top is right. On Joel's actual head the mouth starts at the equator of the sphere. that is the top of the line on my head. i guess its just the photo perspective/POV, lol. Thanks!

    Wow, the legendary Rundown visited my thread! yay! I really like Deadmau5's stuff and my friend holds "raves" and he plays/DJs a LOT of Deadmau5 mixes. I just started listening and now he is one of my favorite artists! BTW, thank you for making that ODST head model, its been really easy to make and very helpful!

    Thanks everybody, and I do need Help with ONE thing... I have absolutely NO IDEA on what to use for the eyes. :( whatever i use it needs to be semi transparent so i can install LEDs inside that will be controlled remotely. any ideas/feedback are appreciated. :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 26, 2017
  11. Morphen Jar

    Morphen Jar Jr Member

    Awesome, I love Deadmau5. Looks like it'll come out great.

    Now I want to start Danger's suit...


    I'm seeing Deadmau5 in concert tomorrow!!!! WHISTLER OLYMPICS FTW!!!!
  13. Sithslayer78


    Well, It's been like a Month. I Haven't been Working on any of my Projects due to a number of reasons, being Severe hand injury due to Tripping while sprinting to catch a school bus (POIDH? If you must see, here it is. however, it is not for the weak stomach-ed.), Tennis Tryouts and Practice, Homework, and Standardized Tests. D:< I recently got a bit of time to myself, and finally got A LOT done on my Mau5head. HAs usual, (and expected) Here are some Pics.

    Workstation with the fully Rondo-ed and Bondo-ed Mau5phere. Wiffleball Eyeball5 Ready for edit.


    Covered Ears


    Eyeball5 with and without lights.



    Extra Preliminary Layout:


    I got some pretty cheap Stretchy red cloth too! I know, its a bit small, but for my purposes it will suffice.

    EDIT: OH! I forgot the random Pic of the Post! Here it is: the super monkey ball banana!

  14. Ryan Ward

    Ryan Ward New Member

    WOOHOO! UPDATES! Liek the progress. Great idea with the whiffleballs.
  15. sdhoigt

    sdhoigt Jr Member

    Very nice helm. im not a fan of deadmau5 but i respect any fan who invests on their interests.

    oh, and about this (bit of necro, i know, but if you read you might understand)...

    if you think that is alot of snow... the 07-08 winter in ottawa dumped 432.7 cm / 170.3 inches of snow on us... so consider yourself lucky

    also we didnt have a snowblower at the time so guess which only son was shoveling all the snow [​IMG]

    sorry if that was off topic but after that year its abit of a sore spot for me having people complain about a little snow:p
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 26, 2017
  16. GarzakAzur


    Really nice.

    For the snow in quebec at this time we just have the most snow in the history of the city. It was something like 550cm or 600cm.

  17. mchammertime

    mchammertime Well-Known Member

    I don't know about anyone else, but the eyes seem a little small to me... maybe some of THESE would work
  18. Sithslayer78


    Well, Its been a while since I have been able to work on my Mau5head, but recently I have been able to clear up some time to finish up my Mau5head, and I've been using every ounce of my free time until now, where it appears to be...Compleat. Here are the final stages of construction.






    I have also added the complete circuit for the lights. It involves several elements. There is a main overriding switch on the edge of the lip, but the actual controls are in a separate "Control Box". This control box contains three control elements. There is a switch and a button switch, both linked to a potentiometer. The button can do flashes, while the switch can leave the lights constantly on, or the potentiometer can be used to create fade-ins and outs. The cloth gave me some trouble, but I finally found a way to cover the head without too many wrinkles. As for the mouth, I covered it with the mesh I had, but its a tad too spaced, but it will have to suffice. Here is a video demonstration of the light controls. (note that the last part where the switches do not work are because the main lip switch was off)


    The next update will hopefully contain the Mau5head in true action in the environment it was designed for! (assuming no catastrophes occur between now and Saturday) Feedback is appreciated!
  19. Ryan Ward

    Ryan Ward New Member

    Nicety Nice-nice!
  20. Minkyboi

    Minkyboi Jr Member

    Dude! I loveeee deadmau5!
  21. Sithslayer78


    Well, the Debut of the Mau5head at Rave 2.0 was a success. When I got there to help set up, my friend had another suprise for me, some Electro-luminescent Wire to line the ears with. So, with my emergency dremel-superglue kit, I drilled holes to install the wire, which turned out to be the PERFECT length! :D I have pictures and videos, but my cell phone camera was crap, much like a pistol in a tank battle. I'd like to add that at this party, there were NO Drugs, Alchohol, or any other narcotic, stimulant, or depressant substance other than caffeine, PROOF that you can have a good time without drugs. I know this because it was my and two other guys to keep tha Drugs OUT. The guy wearing the Mau5head was one of the DJs. Anyway, here are the pics and videos of the Mau5head in action, in other words, Unce.



  22. Sithslayer78




    More Rave stuff.









    It was a great night, however, some of the light controls acted up during the rave, so I have to add more padding, reinvent the modular control with a phone jack, make the ears more sturdy, add a bypass for the jack, and add slots for extra batteries. Ill post the improvements later, and any more actions that its involved in. as for that, I guess thats about it. Thanks for all of the Help, Tips, and Support with this guys! I really appreciate it!

    But, as for the First actual Field Implementation of the MAU5HEAD, All I have to say is this:

    Forms FORM-4815162342-47:

    Test Assesment Report

    This was a Triumph.

    I'm Making a note here:


    It's hard to overstate

    my satisfaction.

  23. Condor4

    Condor4 Jr Member

    nice job, it looks awesome! not to be rude, but what exactly is it? I have no idea what deadmau5 is :p
  24. minime12555

    minime12555 New Member

    FREAKING AWESOME! i just have to say that the eyes are a bit small but its still freaking awesome
  25. Ryan Ward

    Ryan Ward New Member

    Oh Jeez, You're DONE?!? aha, i've gotta really push to keep up! Ah, i digress. Finals are coming up, and i'll get a lot of work done after that!

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