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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ithica, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Ben Hawker

    Ben Hawker New Member

    Thanks for all this. now i just need to go around and find the stuff.
  2. Xbox Fanboy

    Xbox Fanboy Jr Member

    Now I know how much this will cost me. Thanks!
  3. ZakuAce

    ZakuAce Jr Member

    thanks for posting all of this stuff in one place, its a great help!!!
  4. Ninja112

    Ninja112 New Member

    Great to know. thanks!
  5. RoxyRoo


    Considering I don't own a gas mask, I think I'll go with AquaResin instead so I don't kill myself. Assuming of course that I can find that stuff.
  6. Stevieboy7

    Stevieboy7 Jr Member

    its available online if you can bare to wait.
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  7. D353R7 PUNK

    D353R7 PUNK New Member

    wow i wrote evrything down. my hand hurts. thanks now more incuragement to look harder for a job.
  8. Feornic

    Feornic New Member

    Well, I'm on this thread, and I'm a noob as you would say. However, thanks for posting this up, because I did not realize all the tools/supplies that were involved in making a suit. Very helpful indeed. Thanks again!
  9. Fenrir

    Fenrir New Member

    Definitely a lot more things than you would think, now I need to start working to support this as my new addiction.
  10. nate98

    nate98 Member

    Your right about safety!!

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  11. Stevieboy7

    Stevieboy7 Jr Member

    quoting the entire first post isn't entirely necessary

    If you hit the "reply" button you can just make a post.
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  12. killerballerina

    killerballerina New Member

    Love this list, I have a copy of it so I can get some of this stuff whilst in Denver in a week or so. Army Surplus, fabric stores and thrift stores here I come!! Thanks for posting it!
  13. this guide was very helpful...already had most of this stuff already...but a few things i was lacking...thanks for putting it all in once place
  14. D A T A 7

    D A T A 7 New Member

    :) lol... Oh I'm so glad I already have most of this junk from other resin-involving hobbies. Thank you for the list, I was wondering about some things... (especially the visors!)
  15. Jcik777

    Jcik777 New Member

    Awesome! i'm glad to know what i need exactly, i would have been totally lost, Thanks A million!!
  16. bking36

    bking36 New Member

    Wow, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

    I have some of this stuff, since I also do some Gunpla work. However, the scale of the project will be much bigger, since I'm actually going to be putting this stuff on. :)
  17. whiteninja

    whiteninja New Member

    is there a page like this for plaster molds?
  18. whiteninja1990

    whiteninja1990 Jr Member

    thanks for the page It helped me out tons.
  19. IllynReaver

    IllynReaver Jr Member

    I'm going to bookmark this! Good shopping list information.
  20. Hello,
    I've a question: where can I buy the bondo, the Plastic Buckles and the Black Polypro Webbing Strapping ?
  21. vshore100


    Not sure of the buckles and strapping, but you can by the "Bondo" (or body Filler as it is often called), at Wal-Mart or any auto body supply store.
    That goes for the fiberglass resin and cloth too!
    I hope this helps!
  22. Yes, thanks you :)!
    But, as I live in France, Is a website exist?
  23. vshore100


    Try,I looked up Bondo on the website and it pulled up multiple listings. I'm not sure if they ship over seas, but it's likely that they do. It's worth a shot. Good luck to you!!!
  24. RouSkull

    RouSkull New Member

    Seriously Walmart has definitely saved my butt late at night when you figure out you ran out of painters tape or spray paint. >.< Thank you Walmart for being 24 hours!! ^-^
  25. Okay, thank you :D!!!!

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