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Complete Noob List

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ithica, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. zero sama

    zero sama Jr Member

    Great list good looking out
  2. ghettoninja87

    ghettoninja87 New Member

    I'll be broke but this is so far one of the cheapest ways to build good thing I have a bunch of that stuff already lying around the house
    great job ithica
  3. jarek34

    jarek34 New Member

    Ill be getting all of the stuff above so ill make a list for Oz.Which state your in.
  4. EvilFieldy

    EvilFieldy New Member

    I got all my stuff from bunnings, repco or just local craft shops if ppl from Oz finding it hard to find bits and pieces
  5. Roxastheman

    Roxastheman Jr Member

    i didnt see anything about padding on the inside of the helmet
  6. Whitey36

    Whitey36 New Member

    Thanks for the list saved me alot of time trying to compile the gear.
    Btw about the visors does anyone know anyway to get the pattern on the gold visor on the MJOLNIR helmet (mark VI)?, thanks again.
  7. chiefwannabe20

    chiefwannabe20 New Member

    Thanks for the tips, thankfully i have most of this stuff from my graphic design course i did last year
  8. chiefwannabe20

    chiefwannabe20 New Member

    Surely you could think of something! Like the padding inside bike helmets or soft foam etc etc etc
  9. Madzenon

    Madzenon New Member

    wow.. that was a long and very helpful list haha
    now i know what kind of lighting i can use..
  10. Walter4

    Walter4 Jr Member

    thanx that was very helpful :D
  11. Anjose

    Anjose Jr Member

    Thanks, for the list
  12. Neongunz

    Neongunz New Member

    wow this is alot of money spending on a suit of halo armor well guess i gotta wait till tht check comes in lol
  13. Tpp4

    Tpp4 New Member

    Thx Ithica for this list, it really helped me out on know what to spend my money on to get the suit process started.
  14. Schoeber

    Schoeber Jr Member

    thanks alot for the suplize list i dident realy know what to get lol
  15. ajgoesunlucky

    ajgoesunlucky New Member

    Thanks so much!!

    Wow dude....thanks sooo much
    Really helpfull!!

    Can't thank you enough. Was starting to go "OMG! WTF!", but then you saved ma day so thankz!!
    And if you can't understand this, go soak your head, is unbelievably helpfull
  16. Cain Voorhees

    Cain Voorhees New Member

    The prices and amount of materials involved are mind boggling! I won't need the majority of the mounting materials for the project I'm working on but the thread is certainly helpful for those who will need all of that.
  17. mindlessmeness

    mindlessmeness New Member

    this was very helpful, thanks for taking the time to make this when you did. saved all of us a lot of grief to look for all the little parts.
  18. J326


    Fiberglass cloth is so expensive?! could I just rondo/mud the inside and skip that step instead? would that be a cheaper (and easier) alternative?
  19. recon26

    recon26 New Member

    I am glad that someone took the time to put a list of essentials out there. I did the knucklehead noob thing and started to email one of the established members even after reading the "Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread." After finding this sticky I emailed the member back apologizing and feeling all "DIYERRR" on a short bus. Now to get to the other stickies to figure out how to scale the pep files for print out.
  20. BEN B023

    BEN B023 Jr Member

    you know there is a way to go more expensive and I am waiting for someone crazy enough to do it...carbon fiber. Lays out just like fiberglass and is super strong. Let you can vacuum form it too.

    Insane expensive.

    thanks ithaca. hit ya up on youtube to see if the list is still up to your liking.
  21. PCDominator

    PCDominator New Member

    Hey guys in australia, im not sure if someone has already said this but you can get 90% of these things from bunnings
  22. OnionLoaf

    OnionLoaf New Member

    Wow, nice work this is going to be very helpful for me in the future when I start the build process. Thanks
  23. Razgriz01

    Razgriz01 New Member

    Great list. Thank you for putting it together, I think it will help quite a bit.
  24. Master Shadow

    Master Shadow New Member

    And to make it...
  25. Terrag Shugo

    Terrag Shugo Jr Member

    I am a noob, but am working everyday to change that. I've already made some friends in the newb section and am making some progress thanks to all the great info here.

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