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Complete Noob List

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Ithica, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. PDummy

    PDummy New Member

    great list, really helpful, especially the price estimates, lets me know how much i should save up for each step of my project.
  2. WatIsSep

    WatIsSep Jr Member

    Great list! Very comprehensive. If only there were one for New Zealanders hah!
  3. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I went to a hardware store and our German equivalent of a Wal-Mart (not as big though). For those who live here as well: I'm talking about Real and Bahr. Basically all the tools and materials you need for the armor pieces were available at the hardware store (except cardboard and good Pepakura tools). The other one to my surpirse actually had resin and fibreglass, but ironically not a single piece of safety equipment to use it :)

    I am really shocked by the price tags, though. I knew things would be more expensive here, they always are, and I thought maybe up to twice the US prices. But those vultures at the hardware store actually wanted 13 € für 500ml of resin (3.5x your price) and around 45 € for a respirator with filtres (5.7x your price.. WTF!). Needless to say, before buying there, I'm going to check out internet shops now...

    I found two shops now (carboplast and phd-24) that are specialized in selling end-user amounts (like 1...20kg) of resin and reinforcement fibers (and some tools for it). They have a wide variety to choose from, and the prices seem reasonable as well. I'm now officially not pissed of any more :)

    Much of the other stuff is available on the internet as well, the downside is that there's probably no way to combine all products into one or two orders, so there's going to be some major shipping cost.
  4. Morphine


    Thanks for the list!
    I too am an aussie looking at starting out and this thread has been a great help.

    I'll be checking out Spotlight (art, crafts, sewing shop in Oz) before heading to Bunnings (Walmart, but mainly stocks house fittings / tools / outdoor centre / etc) to see if there's much of a difference in price, etc.

    I'm basically just setting myself up for step 1 (pepping) first. Bondo and Fibreglassing I'll look at next, depending on how successful I am with my pep work (and find all the resources for my Thom-293 build and associated pep models).

    I'll be sure to report back with my findings to help out other aussies just starting out :)
  5. rumble

    rumble Member

    Thanks for taking the time to make this list! Spartan armor is a whole different animal from what I've done to date, so seeing the breakdown is great. Especially the undersuit items.
  6. TKAmaterasu


    What is the gsm cos I cant afford to be buying card stock from America when we might have the same in the UK. I saw a 22gsm card i think or 250gsm. would that do for the pepakura?
  7. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Don't import stuff from the US, you can get everything in the EU or even in the UK. Just the names and prices will differ.

    You need paper/cardstock with 200 g/m². 220 should also work, but 250 is too heavy. Those sheets provide great stability, but are useless for anything with fine details, simply becuase they're too thick.
  8. TKAmaterasu


    ah thanks muchly. Will go have a look, i think it may have been 225 or summat. Anyway will have a look. just hope the local library printer can manage thick card lol
  9. TKAmaterasu


    So i printed off the pepakura to photocopy to the card (220 gsm) but its coming off the page. How do i go about pushing it more over and also do the pieces have to be bigger?
  10. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Set the paper size to what you're using (in Pepakura Designer, not only in the printing dialogue). You can also split and merge pieces, move them around and turn them. Don't forget scaling them before printing.

    And you should head to the appropriate "Help!"-Thread to ask such questions, this thread is about the shopping list in post #1.
  11. Swift

    Swift Member

    There's a good video tutroial on the basics of Pepakura here: http://soaringhammerincorporatedproductions.com/wp/?page_id=472 along with a lot of other good stuff.

    I'm a bit jealous of you Americans, you guys have got a handy wal-mart to get everything at. We Aussies have to travel to a few different stores, but I think Bunnings normally has most of what we need.
  12. docbayless

    docbayless New Member

    Dude, This is a righteous thread and it has helped my son and I. Our first project, MK VI helmet, is going well. Pep is done and ready for resin. I was righting this stuff down from all the videos. It is great that you have it all in one place. I use a drywall putty knife to help with making the creases, bending the card stock for us with fat fingers. Awesome job.
  13. secuestrador

    secuestrador New Member

    Thank you all
  14. Draiss

    Draiss New Member

    Awesome intel, Ithica. Thanks for the starter help! Cuts down the hunt for info time.
  15. rsharitz

    rsharitz New Member

    Thanks great post for noobs like me

    This is an awesome post and all noobs should be directed here first (along with scaling).
    I started my mark VI pep build about a month and a half ago. I've currently completed most of the pieces with only a few scaling problems I worked out (thanks to the scaling thread). I've purchased quite a few under armor accessories, visors, gloves, body suit, boot covers and resin, bondo and fiberglass mesh. I was glad to see pictures of the buckles, belt and strapping, they really help.

    Thanks Again.
  16. anthonymares711

    anthonymares711 New Member

    i bought my cardstock white 110 lb paper at fedex kinkos for 10 bucks 250 count
  17. love my donkey

    love my donkey New Member

    thanks guys list will help me very much
  18. SKULLZ

    SKULLZ New Member

    This stickie is awsome! This is going to help me big time. Thank you very much.
  19. cory045

    cory045 Jr Member

    man that is one long and expensive list
  20. tsmango

    tsmango New Member

    a friend of mine who is working on this with me and I are having a disagreement. I feel we should follow the materials listed here (for the actual armor) which are tried and true. He is saying cardboard and bondo only. Advice?
  21. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    There's no way you are going to get pure Bondo onto the cardboard without warping it.

    You don't have to use the materials listed here, feel free to find alternative products or a completely different way to do it - just make sure it works and tell us how it went either way :)

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