Complete Noob List


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Wow, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.

I have some of this stuff, since I also do some Gunpla work. However, the scale of the project will be much bigger, since I'm actually going to be putting this stuff on. :)


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I've a question: where can I buy the bondo, the Plastic Buckles and the Black Polypro Webbing Strapping ?

Not sure of the buckles and strapping, but you can by the "Bondo" (or body Filler as it is often called), at Wal-Mart or any auto body supply store.
That goes for the fiberglass resin and cloth too!
I hope this helps!


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Seriously Walmart has definitely saved my butt late at night when you figure out you ran out of painters tape or spray paint. >.< Thank you Walmart for being 24 hours!! ^-^


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I'll be broke but this is so far one of the cheapest ways to build good thing I have a bunch of that stuff already lying around the house
great job ithica


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Thanks for the list saved me alot of time trying to compile the gear.
Btw about the visors does anyone know anyway to get the pattern on the gold visor on the MJOLNIR helmet (mark VI)?, thanks again.