Complete Noob List


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Thx Ithica for this list, it really helped me out on know what to spend my money on to get the suit process started.


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Thanks so much!!

Wow dude....thanks sooo much
Really helpfull!!

Can't thank you enough. Was starting to go "OMG! WTF!", but then you saved ma day so thankz!!
And if you can't understand this, go soak your head, is unbelievably helpfull

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The prices and amount of materials involved are mind boggling! I won't need the majority of the mounting materials for the project I'm working on but the thread is certainly helpful for those who will need all of that.


Fiberglass cloth is so expensive?! could I just rondo/mud the inside and skip that step instead? would that be a cheaper (and easier) alternative?


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I am glad that someone took the time to put a list of essentials out there. I did the knucklehead noob thing and started to email one of the established members even after reading the "Have A Question? Dont Bother With A Thread." After finding this sticky I emailed the member back apologizing and feeling all "DIYERRR" on a short bus. Now to get to the other stickies to figure out how to scale the pep files for print out.

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you know there is a way to go more expensive and I am waiting for someone crazy enough to do it...carbon fiber. Lays out just like fiberglass and is super strong. Let you can vacuum form it too.

Insane expensive.

thanks ithaca. hit ya up on youtube to see if the list is still up to your liking.

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I am a noob, but am working everyday to change that. I've already made some friends in the newb section and am making some progress thanks to all the great info here.


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great list, really helpful, especially the price estimates, lets me know how much i should save up for each step of my project.


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Yesterday I went to a hardware store and our German equivalent of a Wal-Mart (not as big though). For those who live here as well: I'm talking about Real and Bahr. Basically all the tools and materials you need for the armor pieces were available at the hardware store (except cardboard and good Pepakura tools). The other one to my surpirse actually had resin and fibreglass, but ironically not a single piece of safety equipment to use it :)

I am really shocked by the price tags, though. I knew things would be more expensive here, they always are, and I thought maybe up to twice the US prices. But those vultures at the hardware store actually wanted 13 € für 500ml of resin (3.5x your price) and around 45 € for a respirator with filtres (5.7x your price.. WTF!). Needless to say, before buying there, I'm going to check out internet shops now...

I found two shops now (carboplast and phd-24) that are specialized in selling end-user amounts (like 1...20kg) of resin and reinforcement fibers (and some tools for it). They have a wide variety to choose from, and the prices seem reasonable as well. I'm now officially not pissed of any more :)

Much of the other stuff is available on the internet as well, the downside is that there's probably no way to combine all products into one or two orders, so there's going to be some major shipping cost.

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Thanks for the list!
I too am an aussie looking at starting out and this thread has been a great help.

I'll be checking out Spotlight (art, crafts, sewing shop in Oz) before heading to Bunnings (Walmart, but mainly stocks house fittings / tools / outdoor centre / etc) to see if there's much of a difference in price, etc.

I'm basically just setting myself up for step 1 (pepping) first. Bondo and Fibreglassing I'll look at next, depending on how successful I am with my pep work (and find all the resources for my Thom-293 build and associated pep models).

I'll be sure to report back with my findings to help out other aussies just starting out :)


Thanks for taking the time to make this list! Spartan armor is a whole different animal from what I've done to date, so seeing the breakdown is great. Especially the undersuit items.