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So I'm sitting here cutting some pep pieces out with my xacto knife. I'm using a normal wooden cutting board to cut my pieces on. It's getting pretty effed up. I was just wondering what you guys cut on, I know a lot of you probably have one of those craft cutting boards but just curious as to what everyone uses.


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I actually use about 5 pieces of cardstock as a cutting board. Doesn't dull my blades out quite as fast and - out of the 4-5 helmets I've pepped thus far, I've not actually cut all the way through the 5-6 pieces of cardstock.

But for scoring I use a wooden plank I had lying around. It's sturdy, yet has enough natural play in the wood to get a good score line.


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I use an actual cutting board, used for chopping them veggies. It works really well. The knife goes right through the cardstock, and into the board. The cuts are good and clean.

EDIT: Oops, looks like Psychopanda misunderstood. Its actually one of those plastic-ish cutting boards.

Shaymin Sky

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I use a cutting board specialized for crafting projects.(i.e. Scrap booking,or whatever). I love it. I've had it for several years now and looks great. they are a little expensive though.


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Yeah. I'm using an actual cutting board too but like I said in my first post, it's getting cut up pretty bad. lol.

Rubber mustache should send me a tile or something. lol.


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I use one of those Tote boards...about 23X26, wooden but i just give it a little sanding every once in a while and its better ^__^


Rotary cutting mats

Try a rotary cutting mat from Joann Fabrics. Wal-mart also carries them. They are a rubberize surface that allows the blade to sink into the board allowing really nice clean cuts.

It save the blades and your fingers a lot of stress as well as your kitchen table, counter, dog and little sister... ugh never mind :)

I use the one I had from my time at Games Workshop. GW also sells a small one but the link above is the same for much cheaper!



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try to press down too hard that you cut too deep into your cutting board. put enough pressure to cut through the card stock another option is to cut it in steps instead of cutting through in one pass make it two passes. i personally use a two sheets of card stock as base for cutting.