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Custom Cortana Statue WIP

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by jusdrewit, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Hope this is the right forum! Anyways, I've always wanted a good quality Cortana statue, unfortunately ever since the Sideshow one got cancelled there haven't been any. The WETA statue is very nice (and expensive) and has a good concept, but I don't like the figure, it's not detailed enough for me, the face, etc etc. Anyways, recently I got inspired to convert a statue and customize it into Cortana. After scouring the internet for a possible candidate I found one in a Captain Marvel statue that had the right look and pose for Cortana.

    My first step was removing the sash she has around her waist which cut nicely, but she had a groove around her waste I would have to fill in later and sand down. Next I trimmed her hair down, as I will sculpt my own hair. Since Cap. Marvel had gloves with indentations and boots. I spent considerable time carving and sanding so it was flush but even then I would have to fill in the seams with putty. After sanding I had her primed, but I saw imperfections with the putty, so I will probably sand it more again and then prime the areas I sanded. Once the body is fully primed and perfected to my satisfaction, I will begin tackling the base color schemes + intricate patterns and eventually a better base. I've been working on this for months. Anyways, thanks for the read.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
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  2. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    As a fan of the character, this is turning out beautifully! Continue sharing your progress :love::love::love:
  3. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Thank you! I shall post more pictures when I can.
  4. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    This is a very cool project, I also hope you continue to share your progress.
  5. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Thanks guys. Just minor update so far. Wasn't happy with some of the seamlines (mainly around the stomach and hip area), so went back, sanded more and reprimed those areas. Here it is with what is hopefully the last prime before I start the real base colors.

  6. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    I'm still seeing imperfections, so I keep sanding away to get it smooth hence the more white spots on her body. Finally added rough sculpt of hair, I will sand it and add further strands of hair until it's too my liking, so right now it's very rough.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
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  7. PaiganBoi


    This is a lovely customization. I have seen projects of this nature before. Taking a statue or figure and transforming them into something completely different.
    Will you be altering the base to something closer to a Halo theme?
  8. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Thanks Paigan! Yes, I envision something very similar to the Weta statue. Basically, Master chief's hand holding Cortana's Data chip, with that figure on top.
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  9. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Still refining hair, more pics:
    IMG_20170325_100817.jpg IMG_20170325_100748.jpg IMG_20170325_100730.jpg
    Spent many hours sanding down previous hair layer and trying to refine lines on new hair sculpt, is definitely harder than I anticipated.
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  10. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Got in some work in AI for the eventual decals. Using lots of reference, very rough still. Also plan another lighter layer of decals for more 'circuit board' imagery she has. IMG_20170327_165218.jpg
  11. EndlessForrest


    This is looking pretty cool. Where's the buy option? lol
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  12. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Finally have an update, got around to dusting off my Badger 150 airbush and trying some effects. Here's what I have so far

    IMG_20170530_062952.jpg IMG_20170530_062925.jpg
    Last edited: May 30, 2017
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  13. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Haha thanks!
  14. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    This looks great! I imagine you will also be changing out her base for the Chip or similar?
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  15. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Thank you! and yes, exactly. I really like the Weta Cortana statue design of the chip and MC's gloved hand holding it, but I never liked her face/pose. So more than likely, once I'm done with my Cortana paint up, I'll create the chip/or buy one and use that as the base. If that looks good, I'll start planning the gloved hand holding that.
  16. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Some updates, finally applying decals to her. Still heavy WIP, still need to clean up decals I messed up on, and add more blue paints to make decals blend better.

    IMG_20170618_231229.jpg IMG_20170618_231236.jpg IMG_20170618_231259.jpg received_10154842992163666.jpeg
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  17. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Beautiful work!
  18. jusdrewit

    jusdrewit New Member

    Life's been busy, but here's a few more updates on Cortana. I'm pretty close to being done with her, my next step is to create the base which will be MC's hand. The plaque was created by an awesome guy on Facebook named Prop Plaques who worked with me on my specific requests and created it out of brushed aluminum..

    IMG_20170624_153941.jpg IMG_20170624_153950.jpg IMG_20170625_115411.jpg IMG_20170625_122117.jpg received_10154859864518666.jpeg received_10154859864713666.jpeg received_10154859864848666.jpeg
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