Custom Halo 4 Armour Build+Lightrifle+Magnum [Commander Button Fox now a musical!]

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Black Underdog5, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. spartangirl117


    Ohh thank youu!! I think I'm will do some of the things you said :) THAAANKS!
  2. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Thankyou :)
    I was very happy with how the rifle turned out, but I am now planning at some stage to up the detailing yet again.
    (At some point)

    I just remembered the other great thread with helpful foam tips.
    drack is another foam god :)

    Also I believe that 'Felix's armour has the same legs as the ones I made so I'll try to get those links to the pep files up soon too for you.

    Small Update:
    I am still planning to upload my templates but its slow going.
    I am currently working through the undersuit ones.
    Before I post any though I want to make sure they are the best I can offer.
    I hope when I am done some of you guys can benefit from them and make an awesome halo 4 suit (or maybe even improve the temps).
    Apologies for the wait but I hope it will be worth it.

    Current state of my floor:

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  3. spartangirl117


    Thaanks :D and I think Felix has the Venator legs:


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  4. cha0skn1ght


    @Black Underdog5 I absolutely love when people share their templates to the community, which is why all the foam conversions I made are on my thread. I like helping out others with what I do. I don't know how great I am at unfolding, but I downloaded the Halo 4 armor package that contains all the armor permutations and am going to work on foam unfolds for them all and post them upon completion.
    ps, every time I see your armor and color scheme it looks so good :)
    @spartangirl117 Felix does use the XG-89 Narrow legs. I have those files for foam use up on my thread on the 2nd post if you want.
  5. spartangirl117


    THAANKS!! I will download them :$
  6. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Ok, update time.

    I have been very busy today working on the many undersuit templates and turning them into one big temp.
    Pretty much worked on it all day.

    Went from this in the morning:

    This mid-day:

    To this just before:

    I decided to colour code it to try to make it easier to see what material a template was.
    (Note: Higlighters started to run out 3/4 of the way through, each piece of paper is a A3 sheet...)

    Now all I need to do is upload it to the thread, by scanning it onto the computer piece by piece.
    After this stage I don't know how best to put it into a file to upload.

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    WOW, this is going to be a lifesaver for me and many other people:D Thank you for putting the extra effort in and sharing and making accesible the resources you have with the community:)
  8. NinjaChicken

    NinjaChicken New Member

    Hey man, I really appreciate your putting out the templates for us to use. Your armor is quite amazing. Just one question, though. How tall are you? I'm 6' 3" and I was wondering how I needed to scale the templates for myself.
  9. Aramoorn


    Awww, THANK YOU!! I was dreading making the undersuit lol
  10. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Spartan IV Undersuit Template File NOW AVAILABLE!

    Glad to give back to the community :)
    I am about 6' 1" and that is what this file I am about to share is set at (default A4 page size).
    To reduce the size all you would have to do is print the document by how ever much % you need to.
    As for increasing the size, you could go about it the same way but you may have to print out each page a few times in different spots to not lose any of the templates.

    Your welcome :)
    With this template you will still need to make a few small things but I feel that the file is a great starting point.

    Ok so I was finally able to work out how to upload a file to the thread ( GO google chrome :) )
    Feel free to use / modify this file how you need to, just give credit where due.
    ( If you do use this, it would be awesome to see some pics :) )

    With nothing further to say, I present you with my Spartan IV Undersuit Template File:

    ( Go to 'File', then 'Download as', then 'Microsoft Word (.docx)' )

    Enjoy, and I hope it will help anyone that uses it :)

    Edit: Link is now available in 1st post too.


    Ok so I have worked out which conventions I will end up attending this year:

    1st is Supanova in Sydney on the Sat 14th, and Sun 15th June.

    Is anyone attending this event too?
    If so we should group up :)

    2nd is later in the year: The Eb Games Expo from Fri 3rd to Sunday 5th.

    I maybe also going to the Oz-comicon in Melbourne but I don't know yet.

    I am also been asked to suit up at work for our upcoming toy sale :p
  11. NinjaChicken

    NinjaChicken New Member

    You live in Australia?! Sweet! I live in boring old Utah. Once again, thank you for the templates. I'll make sure to mention you if I ever get around to making a thread!
  12. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Your welcome :)
    I will at some point do the lightrifle templates too...

    TINY update:

    Heading off to Sydney's Supanova tomorrow yay :)
    I have repainted all the armour, and then sprayed with a crystal clear gloss finish (its pretty much a invisible plastic coating to protect the paint / give it a shine).
    I had also added some clips to help hold the legs / shoulder pieces in place.


    Not the best pic to try to show the difference with the gloss spray (Sprayed one is on the left).
    Can sort of see the effect on the green on the top right.

    For anyone going to Supanova, see you soon, as for everyone else I plan to when I get back start on the new pathfinder helmet from Halo 5...
    (Ie: Agent Lock (New Oni Spartan) Helmet)

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  13. tabris89


    bugger it, i was hoping to go this yr, only missed like 1 in the last 5 or so years lol but alas im guna have to give it a miss :( shame, i was really looking forward to seeing a real life spartan, especially one i followed through his build :) enjoy it mate, hope to see lots o piccys!
  14. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Hey all, just got back from an amazing weekend at the Sydney Supanova.
    Had alot of fun, met lots of great people, and saw some pretty awesome costumes.
    I even managed to met up with some fellow spartans from the 405th :)


    Left: Wasabi1602

    Middle: Danielle_J!NX

    Right: Me :p

    Now to begin on my new Agent Locke helmet...

    EDIT: Thought I would drop this here too :)


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  15. Masterchief0624


    what an awesome build and thank you for uploading the template. Very cool!
  16. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Your welcome :)

    Tiny update:

    I was planning to work on the Halo 5 helmet today but decided to work on building a new and improved armour stand.
    The main reason behind this is that since supanova last weekend I still haven't taken my armour out of the car :p

    My first 2 stands haven't been working well so I hope my new attempt will.
    I am currently building a skeleton frame for my duct tape mannequin to try to fix my main issue of which is that it keeps falling over.

    Trying to recycle as much as I can this is it so far:


    Too many supanova pictures - never... :p
    Two final pics (these are my favourite displaying the armour)



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  17. Lowcone494


    have you tried looking for an actual mannequin? i saw some at my local mall that had positional joints that are quite sturdy. i have no clue where to look for them, but i thought id say something about that. maybe if you got one of them, and made it more stable, you could pose it to hold your suit and the gun in a cool pose.
    but that's just my 2 cents. :D
  18. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    I have been thinking about trying to get one, but I will try this way 1st :)
    I have a pretty good idea in mind with this attempt (my duct tape mannequin is going to have this wooden frame on the inside except for the 2 N shaped pieces at the bottom.
    They are for my boot pieces.
    Above that I am making the mannequin able to easily be detached from the ankles up to take the thighs / leg pieces on/off.
    The arms are going to become removable too, to allow for easy on/off of the chest piece/ undersuit.
  19. Lowcone494


    yeah might as well save the money until you are out of options. =D also, nice work on the visor and gun!
  20. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    I agree, and thanks :)

    Worked on the stand again today and I managed to make some good progress until I ran out of duct tape :O

    Wooden Skeletal Stand Completed:

    Arms removed:

    Gutted the body:

    Perfect fit on Stand:

    Replaced the guts:

    Legs stuffed, half duct taped (Current stage):
    Free standing atm not screwed in (i call that an extra win :p)

    Next to continue taping, and reattach removable arms.

    Ps: If you are wondering what the green moon object is, I am currently building a League of Legends Soraka Staff for a friend (slow progress it is)

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  21. Retralpha

    Retralpha New Member

    Looks good! Just wondering, are the legs going to be detachable for the shin and thigh armour?
  22. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Yep, I have pretty much built the lower half with that as the main focus.
    As seen in this following picture, the circled hinges are the only thing that connects the mannequin to the base.
    Once those 6 bolts are easily unscrewed, the whole thing lifts straight off.


    Close up of the detachable arms of which are connected to the body by clips. (A few small screws help to keep the arms in place)


    Completed Stand 3.0


    And just for fun until I put on the armour tomorrow...



    Ps: The mannequin isn't small my Livian head is over x2 the size of my helmet :p

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  23. Black Underdog5

    Black Underdog5

    Halo 4 Armour Stand 100% Complete

    Well I am glad to finally say that there is 100% nothing more I ever need to do for this costume !!!
    (Not including small paint touchups before / after wearing it :p)

    This is going to be my last post on this thread for a short while.

    I know I have said it about 4x now but I am going to try to upload the lightrifle templates soon.
    Sorry for anyone that is waiting for it (probably none of you are but anyway I will do it) :)

    A few pics and that's it for me:




    Upcoming events this year I will be at:

    Big W, Bega, Nsw on Thursday 26th June

    Oz Comicon, Melbourne, only on Saturday 5th July (due to working the next day)

    Eb Games Expo, Sydney, all 3 days Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th October

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  24. PolyEngineer

    PolyEngineer New Member

    Awesome work! I was considering making a stand.. but then again I need to actually finish my suit so I will have something to put on it! Love the color of your suit. Def. some good work.
  25. ferret304

    ferret304 New Member

    I'll be at least one person who's waiting for the lightrifle templates :) Also, you might not remember me, but I bumped into you at Sydney Supanova, and let me just say that your costume is soooo cool in person. It's like an actual spartan, albeit a little shorter

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