Dark Phoenix Cyclops

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    Hey everyone!

    So after seeing the new trailer I instantly loved their new suits and thought this would be a good build to do that did not deal with armor.

    First thing to do is find a pattern. It seems an athletic tracksuit jacket seems to be the closest that resembles this suit. Decided to get one and take it apart to create new patterns since I am pretty new to sewing. The biggest thing I am having trouble with is trying to find the right type of fabric to use for this. I looked into some screen printed fabric but don't believe this would fit the suit well.


    For the Visor he wears I personally prefer the one at the end of Apocalypse that was chrome so probably will sculpt that one and cast it once I do some fabric shopping ot get a base suit down.

    would love anyone input in this as I have only built armor before and this is something totally new but super excited to start and will be updating this post!
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    From far, it looks like suade on the majority with polyester on the sides. On the face closeup, it looks like a cotton neckline with some rubber x logo. You might want to search "dimpled fabric". It seems to be an appropriate description.

    The neckline looks like a track suit, but the shoulders and arms look like a formal suit and the waste looks like a corset.
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    Wow thanks ! that looks pretty spot on for the fabric!

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