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Dead Space 2 Armor & Weapons ( Pic Heavy )

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by NickNackPattyWack, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Dead Space 2 Advanced Armor & Weapons ( Pic Heavy )

    Halo my 405th Brothers & Sisters.

    I have been working on this slowly over the past 3 months. I Know this is not Halo related, but its my current project. So why not post it up, right?

    I pretty sure their are some Dead Space lovers on the 405th, how will enjoy this Thread. I also hope the people who is not familiar with Dead Space can enjoy this Thread too.

    I still Cling to the old ways of free hand. I have never used and pepakura. So i'm sorry ladies and genital men. I cant give you files for this, because there are non.

    This is what I have so far. I'm making this for a friend. He wants to be Isaac Clarke for SD Comic Con 11. So I have a lot of time to finish.


    Its a old Nerf gun I had just laying around the house



    Its not much of a replica because of the Nerf gun, But I really like how it came out

    Next is the Line Gun.


    That is all I have so far on the Line Gun. I hope to finish this by the end of the week, if nothing pops up.

    I will start on the space suit after I'm done with the weapons.
  2. [​IMG]





    I'm also Starting On the Dean Space 2 Plasma Cutter




  3. Sky Dragon

    Sky Dragon Member

    Dude, welcome to the 405th - Your weathering on the first gun is really darn good, and your second gun looks to me like one of the cleanest builds ever from a rookie! I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread, and I may have to start playing this game again...
  4. Sumofl


    I doubt seriously he can be called a rookie, maybe to the site, but not with that quality of work.

    You're just doing this for a friend? Wow man, that's really nice of you!

    I'm also really interested in how you did your weathering, it looks great.
  5. cujo3131

    cujo3131 Member

    Welcome to the 405th!

    I'll echo Sky Dragon here... very nice work! Nice styrene sheet work.
    Keep us posted on this build... looking forward to seeing more!

  6. Sky Dragon

    Sky Dragon Member

    Ha, yeah I meant a rookie to the site, my bad. From what he's made, he's most definitely not a rookie in real life!
    I'd also like to point out the quality of your reference pictures - they are totally EPIC!
  7. wiyumishere

    wiyumishere Member

    all i can say is wow. Send me the first gun for christmas :D
  8. tmccarty23

    tmccarty23 Member

    very awesome NERF conversion! :)

    What are your plans for the suit?
  9. FateGuardiaN

    FateGuardiaN New Member

    looks really good...that is pretty cool how the nerf gun on the last one matches up so close to the blueprint
  10. Patryn

    Patryn Jr Member

    I pray you move onto some Halo weapons at some point because your craftsmanship is amazing!
  11. landotheninja

    landotheninja Jr Member

    Combining this with the fact that I just finished playing the Dead Space II demo on Xbox Live (Awesome game already, go try it.), this is easily my favorite work-in-progress. You craftsmanship is sheer amazing.
  12. workbook51

    workbook51 Jr Member

    dude that is a sweet build how long did it take you
  13. XEcUtiONeR

    XEcUtiONeR New Member

    Both the linegun and the plasma cutter are incredible! I love how much detail you can get with the styrene.
    One thing though, could you tell us how you did such an amazing paint job?
    You really nailed the way the paint has been scratched away then scored by the plasma! Most impressive :D

    - X.
  14. Kommissar

    Kommissar Jr Member

    i'm a big user of styrene as well, well done, very very cool.

    i trust you've seen the dead space 2 official costume EA paid to have made by RenegadeFX? cost alot of money, because it had motors and solenoids powering individual articulated armored plates, plus a pneumatic pressure system that would emit puffs of talcum powder from the jet exhaust ports in the boots.

    that info and the actual suit put me off building it.. instead if i ever did do one of the suits, i'd go for the original one.
  15. skylow

    skylow Jr Member

    absolutely incredible work so far !
  16. :D

    WoW I have been gone all day. Doing some last minute Christmas shopping for friends and family. I really did not know I would have two pages of replies already. Thank you everybody. I'm happy you guys like my work.

    @ Sky Dragon
    Thank you Bro. Your right on your second comment. I'm not really much of a noob. This is a new account I have made on the 405th. I was once known as BlackTonyStark. I think my account was hacked into. Some how my title name was changed to booty2 lol. ( weird huh )
    I made a Suit of armor a year and a half ago that made it into the elite forums. The Iron Man Heavy Artillery Armor.


    @ Kommissar
    Its not easy to intimidate me. I always try to do better then the other guy. I dont have the money to put all the Nick Nacks and gadgets in it. I can only do what I'm getting paid for. I dont want to sound all conceded in my abilities, But trust me bro I got this.

    I'm running short on time. I have to wake up at 330am for work. I'll try to massage everyone after Christmas.

    Marry Christmas Every One
  17. cfh935


    I just wanted to say something...

    My start in all of this was started when I saw anthony lee with his warmachine which brought me to a link with you heavy artillery armor. From your stuff it brought me to a vid on YouTube which talked about the 405th. I have always wanted to do this and if it wasn't for me seeing your work on a google search I never would have found this site and done what I've done so far. All in all, I just want to say thanks for sharing your work and what kind of impact people like you and others have had on those of us who have wanted to do this since we were little kids.

    - Gary
  18. WoW I really dont know how to reply to that. I'm kinda at a lost for words. I'm feeling really good at the moment, thank you. I'm really glad to have impact you in that way.
  19. Some updates:

    Evil Laser of Death






    I started working on the helmet. Let me know what you guys think


  20. cfh935


    That's why I wanted to say something... can't wait to see the end result of your dead space 2 project.
  21. dude, so much win!!!
  22. JewFr0Samurai

    JewFr0Samurai New Member

    What are you using to make the helmet?
  23. The material im using is called Styrene its a type of plastic. Mostly used for Vacuform
  24. Kommissar

    Kommissar Jr Member

    oh no doubt!
    truth be told i like the original armor more anyway, but that's my personal opinion.
    i'm going to be looking forward to the progress on your build.
    confidence is a huge deal in building this stuff, can't do it unless you try and all that, which is obviously you know exactly what your doing.

    one thing i really want to do for my pistol if/when i make a suit of the armor, is to have the plasma cutter barrel be able to rotate when i hit a button.
  25. JewFr0Samurai

    JewFr0Samurai New Member

    Thank You So Much

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