Dead Space 2 Armor & Weapons ( Pic Heavy )


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@ Kommissar
Its not easy to intimidate me. I always try to do better then the other guy. I dont have the money to put all the Nick Nacks and gadgets in it. I can only do what I'm getting paid for. I dont want to sound all conceded in my abilities, But trust me bro I got this.

I'm running short on time. I have to wake up at 330am for work. I'll try to massage everyone after Christmas.

Marry Christmas Every One

oh no doubt!
truth be told i like the original armor more anyway, but that's my personal opinion.
i'm going to be looking forward to the progress on your build.
confidence is a huge deal in building this stuff, can't do it unless you try and all that, which is obviously you know exactly what your doing.

one thing i really want to do for my pistol if/when i make a suit of the armor, is to have the plasma cutter barrel be able to rotate when i hit a button.

Skullcandy Girl

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Oh oh oh Dead Space 2 Armor!!*spazes*

Out of the Noob forum with ye! So happy to see some Dead Space 2 armor :D!!! And it looks superb so far *spazes some more* The helmet and Line gun already look INSANE!


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its called sintra not sentra,

sheet styrene can be gotten from hobby stores in small amounts as plasticard.
if you go to a plastics factory you can get it dirt cheap.
Sorry for the lack of updates. I got a lot of commission costumes im going back and forth with. My friend dont need the Dead Space armor till SDCC so I got lots of time to work on it. Plus my camera is broken. I'm waiting for my tax return money to get a new one.

@ flameup444
I use two types of thickness. 0.30 and 0.60
This is a site i use to buy from
Like Kommissar said see if there is a plastic factory near you. You really can get Styrene dirt cheap.

This 40x70 0.30 was only $15


Dude, not only are you awesome for this costume, but also for watching Soul Eater while making it. Can't wait to see this finished!