Do you make papercraft models other than armor pieces?

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just wondering, do any other forum members make misc. paper models? i myself do. specifically nintendo themed models. for example, im working on a paper model of young link from the legend of zelda: majora's mask. i'll post pics in this thread soon. if anybody else on here makes misc. papercrafts, post 'em up here!


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I used Pepakura in my last semester of graduate school to make quick architectural study models.


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I've been using Pep to make Boba Fett Armor and Skyrim pieces. I also built a Thor helmet


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If anybody wants the UNSC Say My Name, I can unfold the Halo 2 model of the Marathon class cruiser. After some tweaks, of course.


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Hey, thanks! I was looking at a more basic model, but I might just try and tackle this! My dad's a huge Firefly fan, and I was gonna make this for his birthday present one year.
well now you can give him a stock pile of all the things Nathan was in. lol just make sure the drop pod has a warning label saying may lead to nerd rage.
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