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Dual Layer Visor Mini-Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Sean Bradley, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Dirtdives


    MonsterMask, check dates before replying. This post is 6 years old and is a sticky. Used for references and tip on builds. No need to reply.
  2. Purichan


    Funny, I'm actually doing a double-layer visor for my Reach Hazop helmet so I got sucked into checking this out. We'd tried doing this with a Dremel (but using a different bit) and it was looking really bad.

    So, I'm going to pay a few bucks to have someone with a laser cutter do it for me in 30 seconds. :p Got to love what technology will do for us. It's so easy that it feels like cheating.
  3. Jme


    You need to read the posts in a thread before replying. This thread had been dead for several years and there are a number of posts above yours mentioning that zombie posting is frowned upon.

    "I don't know what's weirder, that you're fighting a stuffed animal, or that you seem to be losing" - Suzie
  4. Purichan


    It blows my mind that someone would complain about people replying to a STICKY thread (it's not even changing position within the thread group in a way that could potentially detract from other active threads.) I could see how digging up a 4 year old 'for sale' post and inquiring about the availability of said item would be frowned upon; but I can't fathom what kind of problem I'm creating by replying to this thread.

    Your reply to this thread is also a little hypocritical. I did read the post above mine about the other person nit-picking about the other person that replied to this thread. I also ready the main post and several others between now and then.

    The biggest irony is that I would be just as likely to be criticized by replying to an old post as I would be for creating a new post on the same subject because I 'didn't use the search.'
  5. CommanderPalmer


    Isn't it the point of tutorials, to use them even years later?
    And if someone uses it and finds it helpful, why forbid to express gratitude?
    Why forbid asking questions on a Tutorial thread?

    IMO everyone should be able to write on Tutorial threads anytime, this is, you know, the point of having them, right?
  6. Jme


    Fair enough, but a couple of things...

    Posting to a dead thread, even a sticky thread, does drive the posts down if someone is using a mobile app like Tapatalk. And lots of people do. Thus burying more relevant threads.

    My understanding is that if you have a specific question you are asked to start a new thread. Perhaps this shouldn't apply to sticky's, I don't know. I do know that it would be simple to say "I read the sticky on X and have a question..."

    If it is just a comment on a thread, as it is here, instead of a question or something that moves the thread along it just clutters the thread (and yes, I know that I am cluttering the thread right now). There is a like button which links to the author's profile if you want to send thanks instead of zombie posting.

    I am pretty sure that this is the first time I have mentioned posting to a dead thread to someone. I probably won't again as it really isn't worth my time being called a hypocrite by someone who says they read the posts but missed the two right above theirs stating the same thing (although I find this reasoning similar to the person who admonishes a police officer for speeding to catch up to them on a traffic violation).

    Anyway, I may be wrong. Perhaps a mod could advise.

    "I don't know what's weirder, that you're fighting a stuffed animal, or that you seem to be losing" - Suzie
    Raquisite likes this.
  7. CommanderPalmer


    Jme - a sticky thread will NEVER take space or bury other threads - sticky threads always remain on top, doesn't matter if someone writes there or not.

    I know it's been 6 years since someone wrote there, but still - I think if someone has a question regarding the same topic it's better to write in the same Tutorial thread instead of making new one.
    First, they wouldn't make a mess on the forum posting same threads over and over again.
    Second - if someone else has the same question and reads here, they don't have to ask it again.

    No offense or anything. It's just a tutorial thread and a sticky.
    If it was any other thread - I'd appreciate you writing this... however I personally don't understand bashing people on Tutorial threads - it's just my opinion, I may be wrong.

    Let's just call our Master, FANGS to clarify. :D
  8. IshidaRyusei


    Arevwe seriously getting into a debate over a sticky thread?? *shakes head and goes back to drawing the Chief*
    CommanderPalmer likes this.
  9. Chernobyl


    Going to step in here - responding to inactive threads - even Sticky Threads - is frowned upon UNLESS THE BUMP CONTENT IS RELEVANT.

    We have dozens of bumps a week from people resurrecting threads from yonder days simply to say 'wow, thanks!' or 'amazing work, keep it up!' without actually checking to see whether that comment would be appropriate, and every time a thread is needlessly resurrected, it pushes down content from other members that's current and relevant. The only times a bump is relevant are:

    - Requesting a fix for broken links/images (something a few of our Stuck threads are, unfortunately, suffering from)
    - When it's your own thread
    - When the thread is a 'request' thread (particularly for files) which have no real expiry date

    Put simply: if it's not a bump with relevant content, it's generally frowned upon. As, unfortunately, is bickering about whether or not it's OK to bump a thread - it's one thing to dredge up an old thread, it's another to keep it dredged by arguing in it. Feel free to correct a member if you think they've broken a rule, but let's not devolve into grumbling about the particulars.

    Now, back to your build threads and let's see that energy turned to more productive uses!
    Purichan and peterthethinker like this.
  10. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    Guys....seriously. Oy vey! This is not something to get anyone's shorts in a knot over. I appreciate that people try to keep things clean and flowing but for a thread that no one thinks should be posted in, its had an awful lot of traction.

    Let's try this. If someone necro posts and you think it's silly, roll your eyes and waggle your finger at the screen. If the person seems to do it a few times, maybe send them a little message that says Hello Friend! FYI, no one loves old posts being dragged out of the depths. If they still do it.....use that handy dandy little report button and call SHENNANIGANS! I or one of my staff will look in to your complaint (it would be super helpful to note if this has happened often so we know) and talk to the member ourselves. In short.....don't get in to a debate over not posting in old threads by POSTING IN OLD THREADS.

    Sincerely, The Head Eye Roller and Shennanigans Stopper.
  11. CommanderPalmer




    // sorry you had to post it, because your response it TOTALLY EPIC! //
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  12. ControlrFreak

    ControlrFreak New Member

    wow... so simple yet I would have never though of it. Awesome work and thanks for the great tip!
  13. jsg6


    This may be old and stuff but nice tutorial!
  14. NZSpartanz

    NZSpartanz New Member

    Great job. Easy to understand tutorial. Thanks
  15. Escilta

    Escilta New Member

    Thanks yo u saved my live xd
  16. 0852

    0852 New Member

    thanks this is going to help a lot
  17. Recon Assassin

    Recon Assassin New Member

    The results look great. Thanks for adding the template.

    OGKEGSTER22 New Member

    Wow that's awesome
  19. Recon Assassin

    Recon Assassin New Member

    Always good to learn new ways to do things. Thanks for posting it.
  20. heliboy999

    heliboy999 New Member

    very nice. Thanks for sharing

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