Dual Layer Visor Mini-Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Sean Bradley, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. rowan

    rowan Well-Known Member

    That should be fine, but it looks like those ones only come in clear, if your looking for that then great! But you might want to check for a reflective one :)
  2. adventchildmatrix

    adventchildmatrix Well-Known Member

    another way to clean the visor after the cutting is use a soft makeup brush to remove the dust FYI
  3. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    And then you can apply some foundation and rouge. ;)
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  4. aeon117

    aeon117 Jr Member

    Hey, Idk if anyone has run into this problem, but when I tried installing the visor into my helmet, the helmet wasn't curved like the visor was, so it didn't fit to well. I tried hot glue, but the visor's bending strength made the glue worthless. I ended up using tons of duct tape, but now, a couple days later, that isn't holding up too well anymore.

    How should I secure the visor?
  5. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Is it a Pepakura -made helmet?

    Because these are made from game models, they don't have a bearing on real-world visors.. some customization may be needed to get it to seat properly inside the helmet.
  6. Skyman

    Skyman Jr Member

    is your visor curved too much or too little? it sounds like it is forcing itself inward? if so I would suggest some sort of stop or bolts, like Sean says. and there are stronger adhesives out there if you need them
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  7. LastSpartan

    LastSpartan Sr Member

    I had the same issue Aeon and I just put a lot of hotglue on both sides. (both ears)
  8. aeon117

    aeon117 Jr Member

    Its a pepakura model This is the W.I.P. Thread.

    Its not curved enough, so while in place it tends to bend flatter then the curve of the helmet (forcing the ears out). Hot glue had no effect what so ever. I couldn't even get it to sit in place while the glue was hardening. It may have just been the type of visor i was using, but this leads to other problems I might have:

    what if the visor doesn't bend so that it makes contact with the helmet (like bent to far)

    Thanks to everyone that replied to my question, but still need answer.
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  9. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Snap a couple pics of the problem if you will. We'll try to get you fixed up in a jiffy.
  10. aeon117

    aeon117 Jr Member

    Alright heres some pics.



    Side (Right while looking at the helmet from the front) This is where the visor broke my fiberglass:

    The best way to visually explain what is happening is to put out your hand in front of you, and shape it like a visor (palm should be facing you, while the fingers are curved in). Now by just moving you're fingers, bend your hand straight. That is exactly what is happening in my helmet, except that since the ears(sides of the helmet) are boundaries, it doesn't move outward, but pulls away from the front, and in one side actually started to push through the ear haha.
    Hope those pics help :)
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  11. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    It looks to me that you need to dremel out the mating surface between the visor and the helmet a bit more. I'm at least seeing that theres something obstructing the visor from fitting against the nose section. Sand that surface smooth and you'll get a better fit between the two pieces. Based on the scale of the pepakura and the visor it doesn't look like you're going to get a perfect match, but I think you can at least improve it.

    Don't hesitate here to also alther the helmet to match the visors curve. If it doesn't match perfectly build out the helmet to meet the visor. This will especially be helpful at the underside of the brim, where the curve of the pep model is much wider than the actual visor.

    Either way, I think that with a little more dremel and work and filling with with either some epoxy putty of some bondo that you can help this situation out greatly by smoothing out that mating surface and rounding the curve a bit.

    Does that sound like it might work for you?
  12. aeon117

    aeon117 Jr Member

    Sounds like you want me to build on the inside with some Body Filler (thats what I readily have, or I could use Resin again, but thats to much work for something like this). If so, I could probably get that done. Eventhough, the problem isn't that the visor doesn't fit the curve of the helmet (because it does when bent), its that it won't stay bent, but tends to flatten out. It flattens out with quite force to (if it can crack fiberglass resin!). I don't Know if forming the helmet to the visor would work in the long run, as the visor may want to straighten out again.

    I considered screwing the ears of the visor to the ears of the helmet while the visor was in place, but I think it would definitely break the ear(s) of the helmet, and don't think I could disguise/hide the crews very well.
    I think I will try some Body Filler, but not untill at least this weekend, as I don't have the time to custom fit the visor right now. So if anyone can think of a better way, let me know.
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  13. Sean Bradley

    Sean Bradley

    Let me ponder this a bit overnight and get back to you tomorrow since nobody else is chiming in with advice here. :cautious:

    If you can squeeze the visor to fit, you can undoubtedly make it stay that way... it's just a choice of anchors.. Do me a favor though and take a pic of the helmet WITH the visor squeezed/held in place... this may not as complicated as I thought. I can prolly have an easier solution for you :eek:
  14. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    i think youre having a very similar problem to what i was having. i dont entirely understand your explanation, but if youre saying that the visor bulges out on the "ear parts" ripping the helmet. and leaves gaps near the front, then you may have to trim the visor down to make it small enough to fit in the space. its a tight squeeze but if you trim the sides little by little dont cut a bunch at once or you may cut too much, but it should reduce the stress thats being put on the ear parts, and make it easier to fit in the front. correct me if this isnt the problem youre having
  15. aeon117

    aeon117 Jr Member

    Heres the problem I have.

    I did not have enough time to actually purchase a visor online, so I had to go locally. In my town, the only ones available were non reflective, but smoke tinted ones that were not bent like a visor. They were bent a little bit, but not enough to pass as a visor, the reason for this is because it was a snap on. So basically think about my situation as having a sheet of plexiglass, and trying to bend that into the form of my helmet...Its going to want to straighten back out.

    And I will try and get some pics of it bent to the shape of the helmet
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  16. LastSpartan

    LastSpartan Sr Member

    That's own I glued mine


    It was hard.
  17. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    i didnt buy my visor online either, i went to a local store they happened to sell the HJC visors, and they arent all that curved when you first get them. i had to force mine in i thought it was going to break. how curved is your visor exactly.
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  18. aeon117

    aeon117 Jr Member

    about half as much as i need, actually maybe a tad less
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  19. rachciav

    rachciav Well-Known Member

    hmmm if its that straight i may suggest getting a new visor
  20. sm00th assasin

    sm00th assasin New Member

    very nice dude.
  21. Tater Mane

    Tater Mane Well-Known Member

    What you may be able to do is heat it up over the eye of your stove, then bend it to the proper shape. More or less bend the visor than shape it.

    The reason I said you MAY be able to do it is because of the gold coating. It may crack or warp if it is overheated.

    Didn't realize this was almost a month old until after I posted.

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  22. hadesphantom

    hadesphantom New Member

  23. WolfLover117

    WolfLover117 New Member

    How much does a dremmel tool cost?
    Also how would you insert the visor to make it stay in place?
  24. luckyguy916

    luckyguy916 New Member

    u did a BEAUTIFUL peace of art work sir. good job
  25. Selsiuss

    Selsiuss New Member

    Hey, everyone, I'd like to know about having a SCULPED visor. There are guys here who have to sculpt a custom visor for their ODST helmets, but I was wondering if anyone has done that, or will do that, for a Master Chief helmet.

    The reason I say is that with the traditional Motorcycle helmet visor method, you have a visor that has a horizontal curvature, but no vertical curvature. If you notice in-Game Master Chief's visor is curved both horizontally, left and right, and vertically, up and down.

    So since motorcycle visors have no vertical curvature, would someone be willing to make a custom sculpted spartan visor, with the dual layer details and custom gold paint?

    I'm just looking for accuracy for my upcoming costume, and if there's a more impressive way of doing it, I'll go for it. I wanted to have a really good costume with as much accurate detail as possible. that's why I'm looking for custom sculpted visors, like the ODST guys around here do.

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