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Dual Layer Visor Mini-Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Sean Bradley, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Samuray

    Samuray Member

    They do make visors that have both horizontal and vertical curves. The helmet has hjc-11 in it, I think. Maybe 13. Someone has posted about in the forums recently. I can't seem to find the topic though.
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  2. Norberto

    Norberto New Member

    Very Good...Congratulation.
  3. phartknockker

    phartknockker New Member

    how well can you see through the double visor method?
  4. LastSpartan

    LastSpartan Sr Member


    Its like looking thru tinted car windows.
  5. phartknockker

    phartknockker New Member

  6. guyver

    guyver New Member

    thank you i am going try i think it is so cool thank for show us how to do it
  7. strofmos


    I've purchased 2 motorcycle visors: one rainbow/gold and one silver

    this is the result (nb: I'm still painting the helmet)


    EDIT: replaced pic with better one
  8. halopenguin

    halopenguin Jr Member

    dang!! that looks good!!!


    It looks to me like someone will just have to do an awesome "Visor Installation" tutorial. I'll think about, but I am a busy man.

    An alternative that I came to was actually casting the bolts into the helmet for mounting the visor later. Wrap your brain around that one, and if you have any questions, PM me.
  10. j4k3001

    j4k3001 New Member

    i found one for 19 pounds after p and p had been added sorry if im necro posting you've got 11 days =P http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HJC-HJ-07-Gol...QptZUK_Motorcycle_Helmets?hash=item3efa68a119
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  11. roxyrohit

    roxyrohit New Member

    Awesome tutorial! And what a pretty tutorial
  12. popo

    popo New Member

  13. BFenix

    BFenix New Member

    thats a good idea! very helpful, totally gives that Halo Visor look, way better then plain old visor
  14. does anyone have the full size file for the template ?
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  15. phixix

    phixix Jr Member

    Great tut Sean ^^ I definately want to do a duel recon visor in the future for my Dare armour, but I was actually wondering;

    I have a full-face motorcycle visor I want to horozontally slice in half as accurate as possible, basically to make a visor for 2 recon helmets but i'm not 100% sure what dremmel head you are using thats giving you the best accuracy for cutting >< The visor I have feels quite flimsey and i'm terrified to take the dremmel to it before asking first.

  16. UKJamieTUK

    UKJamieTUK New Member

    Great Tut ,
    thanks for It , I kind of had this idea in my head and know it will be a lot simpler thanks to the Template. :D
  17. Chantelle

    Chantelle Jr Member

    That looks fantastic. Great work!
  18. Terrag Shugo

    Terrag Shugo Jr Member

    Interesting. Now I have a good idea of how to go. Thanks
  19. NeoKeth

    NeoKeth Jr Member

    I do have a question. I have searched all over, perhaps I am blind, but how exactly do you attach the visor to the helmet itself? I have searched all over and would like a tutorial for attaching the visor to the helm. Hot glue? Super glue? Mighty Putty? I am at a loss, unfortunately. Also, had an idea for tinting it orange. Would it be possible to apply regular reflective window tint to a clear visor and then install orange led's to the brim of the helm, directed at the plain tinted visor and have it show the orange color? Or would that probably look really crappy?
  20. Jack7226

    Jack7226 Jr Member

    Very nice Tut, very informative. I'm going to pick my visors up in the morning. Now i know how its done :)
    thanks a ton
  21. rsharitz

    rsharitz New Member

    I'm going to try this tutorial also, I bought two visors, but I was wondering if anyone ever tried using Oracal's transparent golden yellow vinyl? I do a lot of vinyl graphics and was thinking of ordering some of this vinyl. I'm going to check their actual swatch chart for color, but I may be cutting a vinyl version out of transparent yellow gold.
  22. thespectre117

    thespectre117 New Member

    nice tutorial. i have a quick question: how would u mount the visor to the helm and what glue is preferred so the after the visor is glued it will still stay clear. (after the glue dries its still clear)
  23. Ithica

    Ithica Well-Known Member

    Please do not"Necro". Read the rules and stickies. Consider this you verbal warning.

  24. Roadwarrior

    Roadwarrior Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure it's a bot.
  25. MonsterMask

    MonsterMask Jr Member

    I used the same method. I just add double side tape in few places to hold them together :p
    Thanks for this mini tutorial :)

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