Dummy M203 & Misc shotgun slug, grenades

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I found some dummy M203 shells, along with some air soft foam M203 heads, plus I pick up some 12g shotgun shells. Been making some things to add to my ODST suit.
The black rubber/foam top parts of the m203 I got from Evike.com, a air soft store. ( 12 ) tops for $ 15.00. The 10 silver bottom shells I found at a flea market here in Fla. for $ 20.00, he is out of them now, but will let me know when he gets any more. The 12g shotgun shells came from a guy i live near, ( 500 ) shells I have setting by my door. The copper & silver rounds are from a nerf gun i have. The one silver 7 black emile grenade is just some pvc pipe, and
some foamies cut, and painted. Hope this helps.

P.S. Sun or Mon, i'll try to make a mold, cast a few, and see how they come out.


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This is really intense, you have the makings of your own armory! I'm getting my stuff from J and A discount military surplus, then I'm molding them!
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