Enhanced DFT ODST


........And here we go again! So after attending my first Comic Con and telling the kids about how much fun it was wearing my ODST armor, my youngest (12 years old) asked if I could make him another set so he could go with me next time. Note: I chose not to take the kids because I wasn't sure what to expect AND the fact that I would be wearing a full set of armor myself.

Knowing that he would eventually outgrow this within a year if not months, I opted to go the DFT route. HOWEVER, building on what have learned thus far, I plan to only use the DFT templates as a base and will use reference images to further enhance each piece and try to get it closer to game like accuracy as we go. For the helmet, I will forego the DFT template and go the pep route using the Reach ODST helmet file found in the armory. Similar to what I did for mine

For the time being, I am only creating this thread as a placeholder and do not plan to post nearly as often as I did with my pep foam ODST build. I think I will update this thread as I complete pieces and not at every single little stage of the build.

The chest is done (center piece as well, just not pictured). Plan is to seal with Rustoleum Flex Seal and paint before moving on to the next pieces.

Without further ado, here are the first set of pics.

20190321_212553.jpg 20190321_212604.jpg 20190321_212636.jpg 20190324_213626.jpg


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I hope that is the large size version? I built my daughters ODSK with the larger size 2 years ago and she has been able to rock it since......I believe that she is at her maximum height of 5'9"........(We grow em big in my family unlike so people in Canada).....so depending on how big your kid is going to get, they might be able to rock this for a while as well.....So far it's looking great. You definitely did some different things than the standard DFT which I really like.....gona steal those ideas if you don't mind....


Thank you all for the compliments. I haven't done much with this build so far being as I am building an armor set for my wife as well and being as her's is getting completely away from the HALO universe and more along the medieval / dragons and stuff genre, I find myself completely amped up to work on it. The helmet for her build has horns and scales, and hammered pieces, and well.......I refuse to post pictures until I have it completed 100%, but constantly watch the clock at work to get home to work on it.

However, I did start pepping my son's ODST helmet and will go the same route I did as my own set since I feel the DFT helmet templates don't even come close to accurate. The armor itself I can fudge here and there, but the helmet HAS to be right! :)


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Jeez. I dont know what the Canadian regiment did but dirtdives has a serious hate towards y'all. Did fangs cause it? :rolleyes:


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If he chooses to pick on them this much then it's love not hate.

Elcorio those interior cuts on the raised parts for the over the shoulder straps kill me. I wish I had your foam skills.


Sorry, just had to share this. It is an update though right?

You just got to love when all of management and the salaried staff say "Yeah, I'm not coming in on Good Friday". So what's a good, in overtime, hourly employee to do if the phones haven't rang in hours, you're caught up on ALL your work, and could hear a mouse fart from across the building?

Pep an ODST helmet for your kid!!!!