Enhanced DFT ODST


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Reach didn't have hip plates, but there were a number of what look like grenades/smoke grenades mounted on the belt.

That set looks absolutely killer, by the way. I think one of my biggest issues with the DFT set I built is how some of the pieces, especially south of the belt line, look kinda thin. Yours look appropriately armor-chunky so it adds a ton of depth that's otherwise missing.

For the medical kit, consider looking at some of the chest-mounted bags that are popular as modular storage solutions, like Hill People Gear's kit bags. Expensive, but very versatile - I know a guy who uses a Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Mk III, worn in a similar way, as a chest rig for magazines when he goes shooting and as a chest-mounted pouch for his Nintendo Switch at cons. :lol:


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einherjarvalk Thanks for the tips. With this being my third set of DFT armor and probably the 8th helmet built using that pattern, I knew I didn't want to simply glue everything down and wanted some type of depth to the pieces. Your comment about that means I accomplished that! Thanks!

For the time being, his set has been set aside as I have to now move on to a non-armor related project for the wife. Then it will be detailing my sons' armor set while teaching myself how to sew a pleated gladiator belt and skirt for the wife's armor set.

I went to another con over the weekend and I can see that my ODST set is starting to show some wear and tear, so that will be added to the list of things to do. Does it ever end!? :unsure: The kids were my favorite part of taking the pics though!

Here's just a few......
20191103_105106.jpg 20191103_115419.jpg 20191103_113938.jpg