Extra Life 2021 24 Hour Live Stream!


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You know the music, it's Extra Life Game Day and we at the 405th are getting ready to play Halo, live it and share our love of all things Halo to raise money to support children's hospitals.

Last year through the combined efforts of the community we managed to raise over $3000 USD to support the Renown Children's Hospital of Nevada and this year we're going to do our best to beat that number! Like last year our chosen hospital for the 405th Infantry Division is the Renown Children's Hospital in Nevada as a thank you to Art for hosting and managing the 405th forums that we call home. As well we've opened the floor to all Regiment and Battalion staff to suggest hospitals local in each of their regions to also support while joining the "405th Infantry Division" Extra Life Team. If you'd like to donate to the cause or help spread the word that we're raising money create an Extra Life account and join our Team with the link below.

Excited to see what all we have in store for Game Day? Here's a preview at all the fun events we have in store for you! From classic Halo shooter action, to crafting, story telling and even slinging dice, we are celebrating the Halo Universe the best way we know how!


All type B, C and D 405th Members are welcome to join in the live broadcast and participate in the games, storytelling and crafting of the 25 hours (yes it's on North American Daylight Savings Time so we get a bonus hour) of Halo goodness on November 6th.

How to Watch
Everything will be live streamed on the 405th Twitch channel on November 6th! Set alerts on the schedule tab linked below!

Want to Participate But Can't Find Time?
We understand that November can be a busy time and that matching schedules is a difficult task. Luckily there are multiple ways that you can still support the 405th effort during Extra Life!

Share the news far and wide, every little bit helps! The following image can be shared publicly with the hashtags #405thinfantry #buildyourcharacter #honorarmorunity #extralife2021


Make a donation to support the hospital in your Regiment or Battalion area! Every little bit helps!

Donate a prop, kit or other cool piece of Halo memorabilia to the prize pool of the event! Viewers love to have the chance to be rewarded for their time and donations with the chance to win exclusive prizes. Last year dozens of print kits and foam props were made by our members and mailed out to lucky winners.

Prize Donation Form
405th Extra Life Stream Prize Donation

How to Join the Live Stream and Expectations
Only Type B, C and D Members are available to register for live stream events, this rule is in place so that full members that are familiar with the 405th have priority in joining in on timeslots that they prefer. If you are close to meeting these requirements please reach out to your RMO so that we can create a plan to make sure you meet the prerequisites by game day.

As always 405th members are more than welcome to join in the fun for this stream we'll be controlling video and game chatter and cameras through Discord. For those unfamiliar with the Discord everything is sorted into convenient channels, the important ones for this event are #405th-gaming and the voice channel Stream Live Chat. #405th-gaming will have information such as the Steam and Windows Store names of party leaders pinned and easy to see as well as a list of the current game modes being set up. Stream Live Chat will be our dedicated stream channel with players sharing their screens for sake of switching on our stream, if you'd still like to play with the group but do not want your voice or screen shared MCC Party will be available. To access this voice channel please make sure you include your name on the sign up sheet (linked Google sheet) and join the Discord with a name matching that of your forum account at least twelve hours before the Game Day stream commences so that permissions can be given to your account that grant you access to the voice channel

Session Sign Up Sheet
Extra Life Stream Session Sign Up
Discord Server Invite

Join the 405th Infantry Division Discord Server!

The official Discord server of the 405th Infantry Division. Some fans play Halo, some fans live it! | 656 members

To promote a good quality stream we require that all participants have stable internet (to limit audio cutout), a headset (no echo) and minimal background noise (nobody likes to listen to Dremels on stream). If you're participating in an event that has face cameras or your workspace please consider the lighting and background that you have in view.

Since this is a charity event for a children's hospital we're going to be strict on the PG-13 nature of the stream so everyone be on your best behaviour and stow the colourful language that's reserved for a higher rating. Accidents happen but cursing on stream multiple times will result in your audio being muted and your removal from stream if it persists.

Signing up on Extra Life
A helpful PDF guide has also been created to make creating an account, joining teams as well as reactivating old accounts and changing teams as straightforward as possible.


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Hey, how can I tell what “type” I am to join in on the stream? I would love to be there from 0800-1000 for open channels and Firefight. Break during crafting hour. Come back for Reach Firefight. Break and then return for the 405th Games Night. Let me know, thank ya.


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SCREEEE excited for this again! I'll have to figure out my days before committing to anything (what's the deadline for putting our name down for a timeslot?). I'll even leave a little something for the prize pool ;)

Hey, how can I tell what “type” I am to join in on the stream? I would love to be there from 0800-1000 for open channels and Firefight. Break during crafting hour. Come back for Reach Firefight. Break and then return for the 405th Games Night. Let me know, thank ya.
According to the Mantle, looks like you should be a type B at least.


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What timezone is the spreadsheet in?
Edit: I see the note now, it's calculated to user region. Am a VPN user, so this'll be fun heh


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So at this point you may be asking yourself, "hey self, what all are we going to tune in to watch this weekend?". Like any cool cat your first answer is likely "self, that is a silly question, the 405th Extra Life stream of course!". That other voice in your head will likely be snarky and reply "yes, obviously but like what?". And you may pause to think.

If that is exactly how it plays out, perhaps consult this detailed breakdown of events for the weekend! We've all seen the schedule but get ready for the deep dive.

8:00 AM PST - Open Channels Chatcast
The day begins with everyone being bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to raise money for the kids! In classic Open Channels format the group discusses some of the big Halo news of the past month so viewers at home can catch up on the interesting things they may have missed as well as 405th events and fun stuff. On the news front there is a lot of new Halo merch, teasers, trailers and of course new lore thanks to Halo: Divine Wind. On the 405th side of the house we're going to be focusing on making sure everyone knows how the day will go how they can get involved supporting the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

9:00 AM PST - Costumed ODST Firefight
We're live with games, the light is green and these troopers are very, very mean! ODSTs are some of the most popular costumes within the 405th and this crack team of costumers is here to show that they've earned the title of Helljumper. Firefight with a four player team in Halo 3: ODST FF Classic cutting their way through wave after wave of Covenant is the name of the game!

10:00 AM PST - Crafting Hour
Some fans play Halo, other fans live it! We've shown you that costuming and gaming is what we do and this group crafting session will be filled with some of the 405th's finest builders working on projects together and sharing tricks of the trade. If you ever had any questions on how to build your own costume, now is an excellent time to ask!

12:00 AM PST - Costumed Reach Firefight
Reach is under threat by of the Covenant invading force, Noble Team is off on a side quest and our group of brave SPARTAN-IIIs is here to defend the important objectives. A team of four of the toughest (and friendliest) SPARTAN-III costumers is ready to fight their way through wave after wave of Covenant in Halo Reach FF Classic.

1:00 PM PST - Halo Mythic RPG
The Halo Universe is brimming with stories of heroes, tales of daring do and quiet whispers of things most sinister. Halo Mythic is a tabletop RPG which allows players to explore these adventures as their own characters or as representations of their favourite characters in the series. We'll be using Roll20 and the Halo Mythic 4.0 module to showcase the game system, do a quick explanation of creating characters, how to play and most importantly play though an scenario hopefully making it out in one piece!

4:00 PM PST - Games That May Not Be Halo
Sometimes Halo can be stressful and you need to relax, take a breather and just focus. The 405th starts to go squirrely if Halo isn't involved in something so we've met halfway and are playing some mini golf in Halo themed courses. The course list of Golf It! is included below so you can play as well!
  • Smithereen's Halo 2 Lockout (Lockout)
  • Longest Yard (Powerhouse)
  • Snow Joke (Assault on the Control Room/Two Betrayals)

5:00 PM PST - 405th Games Night
It's a well known fact that the greatest way to level the playing field for all skill levels of players is to throw everyone into the chaos of custom games. 16 players, a curated list of the 405th Games Nights favourites all brought to your screen in glorious support the kids style! File shares will be available off of game hosts profiles.

8:00 PM PST - Halo Ground Command
Halo: Ground Command by Spartan Games is a difficult game to find physical copies of and playing games of it across the globe is even more difficult. Through the powers of Tabletop Simulator we're going to throw some dice in this 1:100 scale recreation of the Fall of Reach.

9:00 PM PST - Jazzy Campaign Run
chill beats to relax/ "Theyearis2552HumanityisatwarwiththealienallianceknownastheCovenantWearelosing" to
Our jazziest dropbois are prepped and ready to explore New Mombasa as four Rookies in search of Alpha Nine while pointing out all of the important lore hidden within the game Halo 3: ODST. If you want to see a serious campaign run, this may not be it. However if you'd like to learn a lot from some of the most skilled doodooposters of the 405th, please remain calm.

12:00 AM PST - Bedtime Stories
One of the most calming things to do late at night is to curl up with a good book and let yourself be immersed in the story. Our narrators have chosen a selection of their favourite visual novels and short stories to share with you as you might be considering catching a few minutes rest.

1:00 AM PST - Non-North American Fun Hours
You thought you were going to get some sleep? PSYCH! The 405th is a WORLDWIDE costuming group and while some members rest their voices others are just starting their day fresh, maybe just having lunch or are enjoying their evening by playing games on the Extra Life stream! Not only that but because of our big brained scheduling we get a Daylight Savings Time Change Bonus Hour to the 24 hour stream. We just like supporting the kids that much!

4:00 AM PST - Coffee and Construx
Good morning Inner Colonies! It's the (early for some) morning and to make it through to the home stretch we've got coffee brewing and the excitement of new MegaConstrux sets to keep us going! Chill beats, hot coffee and friends working together building some of the new Infinite sets which hopefully won't have any spoilers for the game!

5:00 AM PST - Crafting Through the Night
Did anyone tell the crafters from yesterday morning to stop building? Oh no. Oh dear. Hopefully our build team had some rest and is ready to share some of their secrets with you as they work on their builds. If you ever had any questions on how to build your own costume, now is an excellent time to ask!

8:00 AM PST - Signing Off
At this point we'll be going on excitement alone! If you've been paying attention throughout the past 25 hours you may have heard some interesting keywords and found out how to enter them for your chance to win prizes. We'll be announcing the lucky winners, taking the final count on our fundraising and of course thanking everyone who helped make this event possible. Could there be other secrets? Only time will tell!

Need to know more? We're in the last few days leading up to the event which means we'll be soon sharing glimpses of what prizes we have in the hopper as well as other fun goodies so stay tuned!

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