Fable Ii Release Soon?

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Fable II is due out on October 21st of this year
The pub games are out for those who reserve it (or purchase with microsoft points)

The gameplay is supposed to be the same as the first with a few acceptions
with a completely open world you can simply hop over or go around fences or trees
Fable's release was somewhat of a let down, most of the great features that were supposed to be in the game didnt show, but that wont happen with Fable II. With online multiplayer, a dog, open environment, and more, the game is going to deliver this time

has any gameplay films been released?
i cant get on youtube cuz my school blocked it

im gunna go reserve it after school (maybe)
it was just my birthday about 5 days ago so i got plenty of money :D
i was gunna get a wii but....
...well i dont have enough
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