Fate of The Chief? - SPOILERS!!!!

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my............. heart.................is.....broken i would think this was going to happen frist my dad now my fake hero..................... :bye2: R.I.P for john 117 and to my father Jimmy :bye2: i hate life....................
Aside from the "A hero need not speak" quote, none of this refers to the Master Chief in the past tense, and you would think if he were dead it would. That's not to say he won't die in the game, but this is hardly evidence.
Well another scenario that's been used in a few games/series is that the hero doesn't die but disappears or leaves without anyone knowing where he went. They just think he is dead.

Example: ending of the 08th MS Team- The hero escapes from the classic huge explosion at the last moment and everyone thinks he is dead while he sneaks off to finally enjoy the peace he has fought so hard for.

I wouldn't put it past Bungie to do something like that.
Re: Da Chief is no more? - SPOILERS!!!!

Redsleighdown said:
Adam said:

Any source on this? Sound like something i'd love to hear.

I'm looking at the date one this poster.....and its 4 years after the events of Halo 1,2, and 3
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I don't know where the first image came from, but the second one is a full page ad in this months EGM.... which is out now BTW. Plain as day...

Anyway... Chief dies... big surprise. :roll: It's the end of the trilogy, you had to see this coming.

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 5:14 pm
I dunno, I think theres a reasonable possibility that the Chief dies... They're clearly announced that this is the end of the his 'story arc'.

If the Chief dies to save humanity, he'll be the biggest hero ever in the Halo universe, if he lives.... then theres nothing stopping the story from continuing....

Heroism is more than just fighting and winning... if a hero chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice to save us all, then that hero is immortalized forever...

Bungie probably wants to keep making videogames beyond Halo, they've had a good run with Halo, but I'm sure that they don't want to get pigeonholed into doing ONLY Halo... they have to make a clean break... this might be the only way they can do it and go on to make more amazing franchises.


What did you want, for him to ride off into the sunset on horseback?

I know everyone loves him, and so do I, but they are clearly ending the the original Halo game series... and theres not much anyone can do to stop it. :mumble:

But again I'm going to say that I suspect that there will be multiple branching storylines and maybe alternate endings as well and wouldn't it be more appropriate if they left his fate in your hands?
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