FFA series number 14: M73 LMG


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Hello, fellow 405thians!

So up for grabs today is Thom A293's fantastic concept M73 LMG! It's a very nicely detailed model, with lots of pretty sweet features.
It features:
-a removable magazine;
-a removable VISR link/ammo counter;
-a removable Iron sight;
-a removable butt, stock, barrel, and some other greebles;
-a charging handle for lefties!

LMG 2.jpg

It's a amazing looking model, and I hope you guys enjoy printing it! Thanks again, Thom A293 for making this model available for all to enjoy!

Well, Enjoy, and we 3D nerds (and maybe a new 3D nerd recruit) will keep working hard to deliver great models for free! Happy printing!!!
Here's the download link: M73 LMG Thom A293
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Splendid work, amazing detail ! As I said earlier to my friends at FFA, I may have pushed the cart of the hill, but I've no idea where it will end up and how far it will run, and so far each and every contribution I've seen in this series has pushed the level of freely available props to a level many other forums would kill for.

A very big and honest _THANK YOU_ to all the people who've been actively helping and are trying to make a difference, making a better forum for not just those who can afford it but for _everyone_ out there.

*Looks at gun, wipes away tear, disappears back in the shadows* ;)
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Thom A293

Great post mblackwell1002. I love that I have the ability to help out the 405th with the M73. Still working on the sidearm and then I actually have another model in mind to make. So can't wait to see this thing printed out!!!
I'm all excited.

Maybe another post later today with a pic of a piece print? Maybe maybe?


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maybe maybe, Thom A293. yes, you will see a post of the progress either today or tomorrow. I have actually done the barrel, butt, and am working on the grip. grip's on the printbed right now. Once that finishes, I'll post a pic on this thread. But only if you say "Pretty please with a cherry on top" ;)

lol, check back here around...rmm...print has 10 hours left...Check back on Monday, Tomorrow is ECCC for me, so I'll be gone. Sorry, Thom A293
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I guess this could be considered a necro post but did the file get taken down? The link isn't working.


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Thanks for letting us know DylanMarx

I've messaged Thom A293 to see if he can post the link to his file.

It is always best to upload the file right to the site.
To do this the creator needs to right click on their file and select "Archive" make sure the .zip type is selected.
Then in a post click "Attach files" and select the the zip file. It will appear as a link at the bottom of their post.