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MaShEdPOTaToEs said:
Why is it best to fiberglass the inside of the helmet anne not the outside?
So you wont loose all the detail and its a bit easier to sand. Also you dont get the grassy texture of the fiberglass.
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MaShEdPOTaToEs said:
but. Wouldnt it Be extremely hard
To all the nooks and crannies?
It's easier to slop resin into all those nooks on the inside than it is to sand them down on the outside.
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Do you want your helmet to look like a ball of FG slob? I don't think so...

Fiberglass the inside, preserve the details on the outside.

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I thought it would be hard to firbe glass the inside as well seeing as i'm currently working on my first helmet, but it wasn't that hard.

Only thing i had to do was remove the visor first, after resinning the outside twice, so i could see what i was doing
Oh and make sure u wear gloves that protect you from resin... very messy after 20 mins of work... the stray firbes stuck my fingers together


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to get the fiber glass inside the the visor just push some in with a pencil


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I've never done the Pepakura thing. It's probably a lot less work on the back end to fiberglass the inside. It's not that it wrong to do it on the outside but you are creating a huge amount more work for yourself. On the inside, it doesn't necessarily matter that it is perfect but on the outside, every flaw shows.