Fiberglass? Bondo? im stumped...

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Ok so im a complete and total noob but i decided on making a Mc helmet, ive seen alot of people do it out of foam core and some sort of putty... ive also seen lots of people do it with fiberglass and bondo, i have absolutely no idea what bondo is, or how you would work with the fiberglass. im wondering how you would make a helmet with that fiberglass cloth stuff, would you make a cardboard model and put the fiberglass over it to make is sturdy, or would you put the fiberglass over it, let it dry then rip out the cardboard? im also wondering what bondo is and how you would use it. :lindsey:
ok......... youve got a lot to learn; firstly bondo is a brand of bodyfiller, you mix it with hardner and aplyit t the helmet to make it smooth and fill in gaps (but it takes a LOT of sanding). and fiberglass. with fiberglass you mix reasin and hardner and paint it to the helmet then you apply your fiberglass cloth and paint more resin over the top. if you are a begginer i reconmend you use pepakura, its a really easy and fun way to make your mc armour
read over the tutorials about fiberglassing and pepakura first! it is an absolute must! i made my helmet and it turned out 2wice the size of my head. ill get you some links now. ;-)
ty! yea im a major noob but i didnt find alot of info that realy let me know exactly what fiberglass and bondo was or how to use it. oh and i was wondering how much it would normaly cost to put fiberglass over a cardboard or cardstock helmet
i bought a kit with the resin and fiberglass for about £9.99 so your looking at about $19. but youl have lots of spare material
Fiberglass cloth ?? ?

I see / hear this stuff referanced all the time but its never clear. Also even though people say " bondo is a brand name not..." the same person with then go on to talk about working with fiberglass and then bondo like its a different material and not a brand name for fiberglass.
....anyway what is the purpose of the cloth? is it used every where? kind of like dunk cloth in fiberglass lay on top, or lay then paint with fiberglass? sorry for all the Q's I've made my helm and while its "ok" it gives me the confidence I need to know that I will actually be able to do this once I get the above questions cleared up :) thanks abunch for any help,
the colth is for strenght (which you add layers to make the strenght) i would use layer or two (depending on the OZ of the mat more oz the thicker it will be) of the mat for the beauti coat...when you sand mat it doesnt leave the texture behind like the cloth does
bondo is a brand name that makes fiberglass and filler
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