FINISHED - Halo 4 Prefect Build [FOAM]


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That's pretty cool! I read through your thread for research on replicating the techsuit, and I was wondering how thick foam did you use for the techsuit armor padding?


Update 4:

I've finished building the other forearm so all that's left to build are the boots, butt and helmet. I haven't really been working on this as my time has been shifted to another project which will end up being part of this project anyway (retopologizing and unfolding Techsuit parts for foam). You can view the progress and download the files HERE (around page 3).

Here's the groin piece of the Techsuit. A little clean up to do on the edges and some seams to fill but it came out really well.

View attachment 243216 View attachment 243217

I started using Barge Cement instead of hot glue.... IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I've seen other people use it (Evil Ted) and decided to give it a shot. I'll never go back to hot glue haha.

While I was editing the helmet unfold, I found a little surprise hidden in the file:

View attachment 243218

I've got the side release buckles for attaching the armor parts to the morph suit. I think it will work nicely. I'm not sure how I want to go about attaching the Techsuit parts to the morph suit though. The more I think about it, I keep leaning towards just gluing them to the morph suit using Barge. Any ideas?
This is amazing for a one-week build! What is barge glue and where do you get it? I'm a newbie and still doing research.


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Hey mumgoot, This thread is just shy of 1 year old....Necro-posting is frowned upon as it pushes current threads down the line. If you have a question about an older thread PM the author directly. You might not get an answer quickly or at all.....