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First build WIP - Halo 4 Recon Helmet / Halo 4 Mark VI Armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by T086, Jul 28, 2013.


    AZTLAN 405th Regiment Officer

    it's great! I like the idea of harden the outside of the boot. to hold the pieces ..
    by the way, I already have plans to build armor master chief. I really inspired the torso that you just finished! increible this!!
  2. Mr skywalker

    Mr skywalker Jr Member

    This build is amazing. The attention to detail and the clean lines of this build top with that perfect paint job are mind blowing. Keep up the good work man, I can't wait to see this finished!
  3. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks! I can't wait to finish the entire thing and wear it around.

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks for keeping pace with my build ATZLAN, I'm really glad I inspired you to do a master chief. Let me know when you get going on it I can't wait to see the progress.

    Thanks again!

    Here's an update on boot progress from the last two days:



    They are coming along, I'm thinking that I'll be able to finish them pretty quick compared to what time helmet and torso took me for time.

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  4. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Once again work and the holidays got the best of me and I'm not as far along as I'd like to be with the boots but I am working on them every chance I get!

    Here's some updated progress:





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  5. sarlume


    There you go again; putting down the standard for how pieces would look when given the time and attention they should have. I hope you're prepared for the elite section once you get this done, my friend! ^_^

    Do they work well with the articulation of your ankle as you walk?
  6. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Hey sarlume! Thanks a ton for keeping up with my thread here and for the continued support.

    So far in my tests I haven't had a problem walking, but you bring up a good point. I was worried about that when I decided to harden the entire outside. So far so good though. I plan to cleanly finish off the top and make an "ankle seal" of some sort to really complete the look.
  7. sarlume


    No problem! It really is looking stellar, how could I not keep up with it? ^__^

    The ankle seal to finish it off sounds great! It'll help keep the edges comfy too, I imagine.
  8. U513


    man, this thread makes me want to delve into the world of bondo/fiberglass/resin. You are doing an excellent job here.

    My only fear is that if I do jump into a bondo build it will take like two years to finish
  9. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks! Time really is the big hurtle here. Folding the paper, working the filler, and finishing the item really eats up your time. I wanted to have the entire thing done this year before July/ august but I'm beginning to have my doubts about meeting that deadline. In reality I don't have a deadline but we all WANT what we are working on to be complete ASAP ;).
  10. Renton117

    Renton117 New Member

    I love coming back to this thread when I see an update, to say your armour is stunning is truly an understatement, seriously there are no words for this level of quality.

    A question though are you worried that with the hardens boots that you might have restricted foot movement, I.e the bend of the foot?
  11. GusContagious

    GusContagious New Member

    I'm totally digging this build. I really like the attention to detail you have on the chest. Love it!
  12. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thank you! Restricted foot movement was a slight concession I had to make. The restriction isn't horrible really, but it's there. In the walk around tests I have done so far it isn't uncomfortable at all but it's just different feeling than a regular shoe or boot. I think I have a plan to improve things even more when I add the bottom tread to the boot, time will tell how that pans out. Keep watching! I will eventually get a video up of me walking in them.

    Thanks a ton!
  13. Renton117

    Renton117 New Member

    I would be very interested to see how you resolve that issue, for my current build I'm just hardening the toe and heel caps and attaching them to a normal shoe.
  14. TheCaptainBacon


    That's an interesting solution for the boots; I've never seen that done before. I'll be interested to see how it works out for you.

    On a related note, your build is looking beautiful. The paint job is impeccable.
  15. MrCarpet

    MrCarpet New Member

    That's amazing! I'm starting my first build soon and am doing the halo 4 rogue suite
  16. computergeekman

    computergeekman New Member

    dude this build is SICK!!! i love how you didn't leave out a single detail. i especially like the boots. can't wait to see a video of them and definitely can't wait to see the completed build! keep up the good work!! :)
  17. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    That was my original idea but once I got into it I decided it looked better this way for my case, stay tuned to see how it turns out!

    Thanks a lot. I'm just as courious as you to see how functional they become. I can say they look great while you are standing still in them. In the walking test I did today with both on it's slightly awkward walking but not at all uncomfortable. I still have yet to add the bottom tread which should greatly improve my walking ability.

    Thanks and best of luck to you on your build!

    Thank you!
  18. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    So once again it's been a couple weeks and I've been bogged down with constant snow storms and ice conditions requiring me to go to work on a moments notice so progress on the build has been slow at best. Very frustrating... I hate snow :angry.

    But never fear I have a couple update pictures for you.



    Attached Files:

  19. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Here's a quick update from the last few weeks, progress is still slow but it should pick back up again as the weather warms up.










    Attached Files:

  20. AWACS89


    Awesome work dude. Im envious of your workspace, can't do squat with this cold weather.
  21. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks! This cold has been tough, its set me back at least 2 months since I cant justify running so much wood through the wood stove for a couple hours work on the project each night. This week I was able to hammer out some work since I located an actual space heater which heats up the workshop in 10 minutes and keeps it workable for the time I spend in there. I'd rather run the wood stove but it's just no match for anything below 30 degrees F.

    3/2/14 update!
    Well on the way to finishing these boots very soon. I finally have that test-walk-around video I promised awhile ago as well (find the link above the pics). This week I plan to stop by the hobby shop on the way home from work and pickup new paint and if temperatures permit - fingers crossed - by next weekend I will be detail painting after I do the bulk paint as usual.

    First things first though, I need to secure the two pieces on the front of both boots a little better. They were slightly loose after my test walk. Once that's done I need to fill over the screw holes. All that leaves is the ankle seal which I plan to make out of EVA foam.

    Till next time enjoy.

    Walk around test video here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/101928356@N07/12893051643/





    Attached Files:

  22. EVAkura

    EVAkura RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Awesome work! The surface on those boots is completely impeccable.

    Judging by your video, it looks like your mobility is good. Is it similar to wearing a ski boot?
  23. methadome666


    Ok so here it goes this it the best boots I have ever seen. You my good sir are amazing.
    I also feel the winter pain it was -20 a few days ago.... good old michigan
  24. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks guys, you hit the nail on the head - these boots are exactly like wearing a ski boot. That's the comparison I've been looking for ;).
  25. Sagirou

    Sagirou New Member

    Man thats great! Looking pro dude. Whered you get the material for the visor?

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