First build WIP - Halo 4 Recon Helmet / Halo 4 Mark VI Armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by T086, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. vshore100


    For some unknown reason, I've never seen this thread. I don't know how I missed it! Your work is incredible man. I'm loving all the work you're putting into this. That blue and white color combo is pretty sick too. Really looking forward to seeing more from you. :D
  2. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks for the complements!

    Just a one pic update for ya tonight but the shoulders are getting closer and closer to being done done done.


    I'm in the process of smoothing and priming them, I may hold off on the final paint until I have the next part (forearms) ready as well. I'm trying to keep my workflow organized more efficiently these days by grouping similar stages of work together for different body parts; such as completing all the pep work at once. Since I'm all setup for bondo and shaping at the moment I can just move ahead onto the next body part that requires it.

    EDIT: I should add that when complete you wont see any of the aluminum piece that you can see now extending up out of the shoulder. I plan on encasing that in filler and making the shoulder one solid piece.

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  3. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    last update on the shoulder progress for awhile:

    They are ready for final paint. Other than that I need to devise exactly how they will attach to my undersuit top. No big deal :)

    next up: the forearms


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  4. tac2002


    do you by chance have the pepakura file for the recon helmet?
  5. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    I no longer have the file but I believe it was made by monkeyfuj, you can try PMing him.
  6. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    So it's been a good solid year now since I began this endeavor and work is progressing on the forearms currently. Just as an aside thought I was wondering if any of you who have worked on a project this long have had times when you just don't feel like working on it at all. I notice now that I have weeks where very little gets accomplished due to myself just not being into it then I have weeks where I am able to push the work out really well. I suppose it's all part of the game we play here trying to build the best armor possible. So far this has been one of the better weeks for the forearm sections.

    First though here's one last shoulder piece pic until I get around to painting them:

    And now for some forearm updates:




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  7. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Hi everyone! So its been awhile since my last update. To start off I've changed my mind again and decided to finish the two parts I had on deck (the shoulders and the forearms) all while working on the gloves. Below you can see a few more progress pics of what I've been doing in the past month or so. I wish I had more pics to show you but I really have been lacking in the pic-taking department, I'll amend that in the future.


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  8. killerownz11

    killerownz11 Member

  9. T086

    T086 Jr Member


    //Begin Message: The Shoulders and the forearms have been completed, they are now ready for deployment. See pictures: HERE (Scroll Down). As a side note, I'm not happy with the quality of those pictures so I'll eventually get around to taking better ones.
    //Message Ends

    Hey thanks! Yes this is what I've been saying... everglass is like a million times better than regular bondo!! Cheers!
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  10. Chernobyl


    Good grief, the work and attention to detail you've put into this build so far is astounding. I'm seriously impressed.
  11. NoMaybeYes


    I love the blue you chose for the paint, it looks really sleek. Its nice to see amazing builds like this still going.
  12. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks a ton! I'd like to hurry up and finish the entire thing but time is the only thing that produces great results ;)

    I actually stumbled upon this particular shade of blue by accident, it's two parts. First coat of blue is a glossy but flat looking generic blue called "deep blue" then I go over that with a thin-ish coat of "arctic blue metallic". The arctic blue metallic is actually very dark so the underlying generic blue helps to lighten it up considerably. Thanks for the comment!

    I couldn't resist so here's a test fit of both the shoulder and the forearm. I have yet to test the whole upper body worn at once. Incase anyone missed it, the finished pics for both of those pieces are linked a few posts up in green text or you can find them in the second post on the first page.


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  13. prev

    prev New Member

    Seriously impressive dude. I look forward to more.
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  14. Hawkie

    Hawkie New Member

    The arm looks really big and bulky to me. Seems like it shouldn't come that low over the wrist. Personal preference though, good job. Like the paint choices.
  15. T086

    T086 Jr Member

    Thanks! I appreciate the input. I have to disagree on one point though. I think it's pretty good size wise, hopefully. I'll have more to show you soon to put it all in perspective. Also I should have noted that it's sitting slightly low on my wrist because as I write this I'm sewing together the strap that holds the whole thing properly on my arm ;)
  16. Hawkie

    Hawkie New Member

    Perhaps I just needed a banana for scale ^_^
  17. MikyVengeance


    I love seeing these intense pepakura builds in a sea full of foam builds.
    I will be using pepakura files similar to these and love the photos you include with how you are going to attach certain pieces. This really helps me out and brings a standard to clean pepakura armour for me.

    On a side note, hoping you could give me an insight in Everglass. It's not sold in Canada, so it's about $90 a gallon with shipping. How would Bondo compare to this product? Would Bondo be strong enough to mount those screws for the shoulder pieces? Thank you!

    I can't wait for some progress pictures!!
  18. elementfx

    elementfx Jr Member

    This is sick nice work !
  19. DoctorCardwell


    Man I really enjoy watching this process. I am sure to get started on my first suit soon and I'm really wanting to use either recon or rogue from halo 4. Any chance we can get a view from inside the helmet?
  20. ShawnProblemz

    ShawnProblemz New Member

    PLEASE JUST MOLD YOUR BOOTS SOME HOW!!!! id so grab a pair! best ive ever scene lol
  21. Johnnybroskii


    Is the suit completed?
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  22. acgta

    acgta New Member

    Is the armor finished??
  23. Chernobyl


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