First {Halo} build - Spartan (TV series)


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Thanks. Its good to have machines up and a hobby shed getting setup a little more each day.

Thought about it: Yes.
But I don't have any TPU on hand. And I have to get moving on this for Supanova Brisbane in November. So don't exactly have the luxury of waiting on supplies.
And its a new machine so worst case, this is still part of my dial-in... every job is about faster, less stringing, better skin finish, etc. That's why I'm starting low. Boots can get beat and dirty and still look correct. By the time I work upward to parts at eye level the machines will be better tuned.
That's actually a very smart way of doing it. I've gone exactly the opposite on my build, starting with the helmet and working to the boots/ shins haha.

I hope everything works out and you get it all done by November!~


Scaling before printing.
Windows 3d Builder. {Some like Armorsmith and that's cool too}


Getting started on the undersuit. Start low, below eye-line so everyone isn't staring at my first attempt. Calves are on the side, low and mostly covered by armor. So that's where I'm working out construction technique.

I did goof though. Early views of screen captures made me think there were no greeblies on the end of every pleat: I was wrong. So I'll remake it at some point when there is time.


FYI: Since we can't show cosplay guns outside of the convention hall... I went to one of those gel blaster stores ("M4a1" in Ormiston) and they had a {soft} rifle case for $50. Yeah its not an extra large hard case, but its not $230 either. Shoulder straps to wear backpack style and enough front pockets for a Magnum and maybe a couple grenades or knives.




This is amazing. I have an ender 3 myself and am trying to get started in building my armor so seeing y’all makin progress is awesome
Thanks. Ender3 is a good machine of good quality output. Great starter machine and good for smaller items. Should get you a solid foundation and to determine if you like 3d printing. Kinda small for armor but the beauty is it won't be out of date when you get a bigger one: Just means you'll have a couple working at the same time on parts that match their size.


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That’s the plan, I’ve had the printer for a year and before that an anet printer. Def gonna work on the smaller pieces to make sure I can get the files to scale while catchin some overtime to get a bigger printer


Getting to where I can think 'color scheme'. I really like that darker burnt copper paired with black.
Something around this color

Using my abysmal Photoshop skills I'm trying to get a feel for what it might look like, starting with the calf, select what bits should be which colors etc.

So in context going in this direction
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Ok - I could use some honest if not brutal feedback.

Have I gone too colorful? Keep in mind this is 'clean', before weathering, distressing, dark washing etc. which would tone it all down a bit.


But my original goal was something akin to the TV series... And now when I look at show pictures I see I am not near as monochromatic as the show. Regardless if its 117-Green or 125-Gunmetal, there's just not as much differentiation of parts as I was thinking/remembering.

Then again... On the third hand... I'd like to not totally blend into the background at conventions, photos and so on.

Maybe change the copper to gunmetal so its Silver, Gunmetal & black? Or is that going to be too much the same by the time it gets distressed and it just looks like I sprayed it all one color?


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I mean, you said you are doing a "Sgt Saint build"... We love to see custom work here. If you are building your own character then then the paint scheme should be what you want. If you want to specifically look like an extra from the show, then you need to go monochromatic. However, the show is about "silver team" specifically. We never get to see other Spartan teams so arguably they might have different color schemes to show unit identity. I, personally, love the burnt orange color and think a suit with that would look amazing. My vote is to use the color, but ultimately it depends on what you want for your character.


Thanks for that gang. Very much appreciated. I think I just was staring it all too long. I like it... its too much... maybe reverse it... I like it... its over done... stare some more... its too much... wait maybe not enough... that just looks like a racing stripe, swap this with that... stare at it some more...

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