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    Hello everyone.
    I'm MysterytheTiger and I've been lurking in the shadows here for quite some time looking at all your awesome builds in all these cool and exotic materials. Especially all these super cool helmets, body armour and weapons you people put together and strike me with awe and even a little envy (you know the thought: "I could never build that!"). So, after looking at all these projects and builds, I decided I wanted to see if I could make something. My goto materials are usually wood or paper mache but I wanted to learn something new, expand my choices so to speak, and the choice was EVA since I've seen what cool things can be done with it.

    I scouted around a bit to find something to build and came across a template of a helmet from a favourite game of mine (Titan Fall) made by Andrew DTF (yes?). It didn't look overly complicated and seemed like a good starting point. Building with EVA wasn't as easy as it seemed but BOY! OH BOY! did I have alot of fun with it!

    So here it is for all to see. My very first build and the very first time I show something off. Not prefect in any way but damn it was fun to try. Still missing the visor since I haven't figured out a good material to use and maybe a little heavy on the weathering but I wanted it to look used. I did play around with florecent powder so some parts would "glow" in the dark but it didn't quite make it all the way. Maybe I just have to go heavier on the glue+powder mix next time.

    Thanks to all of you here for the inspiration to build and for all the great advice you share.

    Copy_DSC_3238.jpg Copy_DSC_3239.jpg Copy_DSC_3240.jpg Copy_DSC_3241.jpg Copy_DSC_3242.jpg Copy_DSC_3243.jpg Copy_DSC_3244.jpg Copy_DSC_3245.jpg Copy_DSC_3251.jpg Copy_DSC_3258.jpg
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  2. Very impressive for your first time.
    Keep it up
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  3. Mysterythetiger

    Mysterythetiger New Member

    Thank you. And be sure this isnt the last EVA build. This needs to be expanded on :)
  4. TurboCharizard

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    Hello Mr. Mysterythetiger! Welcome to the world of foamsmithing, that's a solid first crack at it for sure and I'm excited to see where you go next with the project.

    Andrew DFT is a champion of breaking everything down to base steps and making crafting accessible to everyone. He's honestly the reason why I jumped into the costuming world and in the last 3 years there's been an explosion of YouTube content that follows his strategy of making everything simple and showing new makers how to improve their skills.

    If you ever have questions on techniques, the 405th is probably one of the most welcoming communities for teaching the curious and 9 times out of 10 if you ask a question in a thread you'll get a detailed response back with suggestions for reading/viewing extra tips past their own.
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    Thank you TurboCharizard :)

    There are so many great YouTubers out there who "show and tell" which is really good. Not to mention all the people here with all their skill and inspiration to make stuff and let the rest of the world see it.

    Next project for me is a torso armour and an arm of some kind. If I can figure out how to design it that is. But thats what the forums are for ;)

    Again, I extend my deepest thanks to all of you 405th people who share their knowledge, skill and inspiration. It so help others to find a starting point and helping push others to the thought, "I can do that too!"

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