Fist time making stuff and I’m planning

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I was thinking about weathering and chief has bullet holes and other stuff. Do I paint and then weather the armor? Or add holes and scuffs then paint?
In addition to what PlanetAlexander posted, the paint side of weathering can be done in a few ways. Long post incoming!

One method you can use a base coat of silver after you seal and prime your foam, then after the rest of the paint is on your armor you can go back with sandpaper and scuff it to show the silver underneath.

The method I use is dry brushing. You get your armor all painted the way you want it then (in a well ventilated area while wearing all safety gear) spray chrome spray paint on disposable object like cardboard or a paperplate. Then you use a paint brush to hit the edges, near premade damage or anywhere you want to distress the armor. I feel I have more control with this method.

After that use a sponge with some black and or brown acrylic paint to add on dust and soot and using water to blend it.

I just finished doing this method on my thread on a helmet if you'd like some ideas or an example

I can't wait to see how your armor turns out!
Update: Honors English SUUUUCKS and I’m gonna go scrounge around for some tools I found a blade sharpener already now I need to find some other stuff
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