Flamethrowers, Giant Spike Grenades, And Unsc, Oh My!

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I used Paint....
hard to tell from the grainy webcam, but the 3 yellow specks that are in the shirt in the webcam could be the yellow segments of circle that are protruding out form under the 3 hexagonal shapes.

its still very possible that this is not a 405th shirt, but the fact it seems to have the same olive wreath encircling the main design in both examples gives some amount of reasonable doubt to kensai's argument.

we'll just have to sit and wait to find out whats going on... which would probably be good for me seeing as i'm on vacation on an island off of the TX coast and haven't been to the beach yet.
Too hard to tell with the webcam quality, but .. there are three (I'm assuming yellowish) spots in the same area (that I originally thought were the stars) that are way bigger than what you are pointing out as the stars. We don't have anything bigger then the stars in that area. Those spots are more then double the size of the stars..

Too hard to tell with these webcam pics for sure. Like I said in my original post, the best we can do is speculate.

I'm inclined to agree with the opinion that it is nearly identical to the 405th shirt. My photo-interpretation skills are a little rusty, but the wreath, the eagle, and the apparent presence of the 3 stars in the 3 hexagons stars all lead me to conclude that. I would also like to point out the marine armor there. I wish the resolution were higher. It would make figuring out what's there a whole lot easier. The colors are all a bit washed out, but the uniform of the marine appears to be significantly lighter in shade than the New Zealand DPM in Landfall. On the other hand, I could be reading WAY too much into this. Either way, something is up. BTW, has anyone seen Spase around lately? :cool:
nice job flying squirrel, that does it for me, i think its safe to say that it is a 405th shirt, and i sure hope it is
yup, FS kinda showed it to you, the yellow parts looks bigger because the white text outside of them is blending in with it, due to the camera's quality.
Bungie cannot make us official. Only microsoft can. :)

And I believe its a 405th shirt. It has that resemblance.
Wow, what on earth is going on here?
This is very exciting.

Who has made a flame thrower and spike grenade? Maybe pinning that would narrow it down a little more to who it is.
Maybe they're going for the same thing as the 501st- If I am correct, (and I'm sure there are 501st members in the 405th to validate this), the 501st was given the "okay" by Lucasfilms to wear their outfits, but not to sell them. So the 405th may be getting the same endorsement.

That, or Microsoft is using a readily made base of outfits for advertising purposes, which seems more likely. There is a bunch of Halo games coming out, so far as I know. Halo Wars especially.
You know I haven't seen Spase or Adam on a lot the past week. Wonder what they're up to? You know this has probably got B.net in an uproar somewhere too.
I hope we're getting the same treatment as the 501st.

And as far as I know, nobody from BUNGiE is on the order list for those shirts, so either Adam and Spase sent one to them directly or someone here is a BUNGiE spy!

Hopefully we'll be mentioned in a future BUNGiE update.
Hmm...I think we might want to stop working ourselves up over this till it's been explained. I'm sure if something is happening, those involved will let us know about it then.
23Magnum said:
Hmm...I think we might want to stop working ourselves up over this till it's been explained. I'm sure if something is happening, those involved will let us know about it then.

I agree.
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