Forward Unto Dawn/Corbulo Academy Cadet


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I've been attempting to identify and put together all the parts for a Forward Unto Dawn/Corbulo Academy Cadet, it seems to be a mix of original pieces and pieces recycled from other costumes or bought pre-made. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Helmet: Reach Marine/Army helmet
Shoulders: ODST knees
Neck: ? (maybe original)
Forearms: Damascus Forearm Protectors
Vest: Generic airsoft MOLLE vest
Upper Chest: Partly ODST chest
Lower Chest: ? (maybe ODST buttplate)
Codpiece: original
Back: ODST codpiece on top of original
Thighs: ?
Knees: Reach Air Assault/Kat shoulders
Shins: ? (maybe partly ODST shoulders)

If anyone can help identify the remaining pieces I'd greatly appreciate it!

I think for my build I'll be going with the CAMS t-shirt instead of the full dress jacket; it's still screen-accurate as that's what they wore after the Covenant attack, and it's a bit easier.


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