Free Airsoft Drawing


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Sorry meant to get on here yesterday and announce the winner, been having a busy time cutting the names out on paper folding them up and digging around in a hat for one. I'm glad to announce the winner of the Airsoft Rifle (my substitute since Greyhound took the one I had for the contest and I used for my costume) is Liq, congratulations. Please PM me your name and address so I can get this gun mailed out to you. The gun you will recieve since Greyhound took my M41 is my substitute UK Arms pictured below.


Congratulations Liq!

Nintendude, sounds like you hit the jackpot for insanity in security. I've only had problems with the opposite end of security in that I had to "push" the item into Federal agents hands because it was so well hidden. Really, they need to get into the same book when it comes to homeland security.

Anyway, I'm glad you didn't get injured.