Free Airsoft Drawing


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I'll be 18 in the summer :p
I paint ball so I don't think my parents would mind lol I also have a ton of prop guns and airsoft ones.
If that's okay, throw me in the hat. If not, I won't feel bad lol
thanks for the contest opportunity to the 405th btw! It's really kind of you.


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wish i were 18....

I can say that I do airsoft and have owned a couple AS guns/ Paintball guns and shot real guns.... and my parents trust me.

But if you are only doing 18 year olds then whatever


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You are a crazy man! But I'll take my chances at winning this, it looks as if it would be a great accessory to many different costumes.
I need to withdraw my name. As pointed out by another Canuck in replying to this thead, importing of air-soft weapons into Canada is prohibited to private individuals.

For other Canadians who may want details, start reading here on the Canadian Border Service Agency site:


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OMG.. dude!! this is what i need for my fallout new vegas outfit.. haha i was planning on somehow getting a real one but this would be sooo much better, as real ones cost like thousands of dollars yeah i am older than 18 and also live in the united states.. hmmmmm i can just imagine me moddin this bad boy to look like a way nice fallout new vegas gun:) ohh yeahh lol


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Drawing is'nt over till the end of the month, I don't know if it's full auto or not I just know it's a spring rifle.


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You guys want to play a game, I ordered the rifle from Airsoft Titan on the 14th, it's now the 17th and I was told it would be shiiped within 24 hours of my order. Tried calling them to find out what's up and all I get is a automated message telling me to e-mail them which I still have not recieved a response. FedEx is telling me that it should be to me by the 18th, but according to the FedEx website it has'nt even been shipped yet. So if it's not to me by the 22nd someone will have their head bitten off. So keep a eye here to see how long it takes to get to me b/c if I don't have it by the 22nd there will be hell to pay.


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I've had a bunch of crap problems with Fedex, They never keep their tracking in order but if what you ordered is located within an 8 hr drive of your home, you should have it by the 19th at the latest