Frozensnot's Halo 5 Rogue Armor


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No seriously, you better ask your girlfriend very sweetly to "add an exhaust port" just in case the "mind of matter" approach doesn't work out. :D
Dirtdives : you have a little bit of a mean side now don't you ? ;) I like it.
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This will be a cool build to watch unfold. You've certainly picked a very interesting suit to build and your progress looks great so far.
I've not built anything in a long while but the current gen armors seem more time consuming to build than Reach suits (imho). I've spent 3 days on a Hermes chest and have only gotten the front done lol.

Your helmet looks really good, maybe the back/lower part of the helmet behind the round 'ear' circles could be attached with magnets. I've seen people do this with Locus? helmets and Iron Man helmets as well.


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Good play on words :D I thought it was funny!


Thank you! Best of luck on your project!

Hm, I had not considered using the "ear circles" as a way to put my noggin in. I will have to look into it. Thanks for the advice!


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Thanks! hehe, it is fun.
Here is what I was talking about, I think I recall members doing this on their Locus helmets to make it snug and wearable: I forgot some people did removable visors that are also magnetically attached, seems a nice way to get fresh air and leave your helmet on :p

The x=magnets but I'm just guessing how many you'd desire.
magnetic attachment.JPG


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It is possible, yeah.
I'd however recomment first to fully harden the helmet, then cut it... or somehow harden it together so it will fit.


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I managed to create the helmet. I've had it built for about a week now but didn't post it. It's a little tight around the sides of my forehead but I've bumped the scale up next time I build it. Overall, I'm satisfied with how the helmet looks. The major problem I may have to solve is how to put it on once it's all hardened. I can put it on easily because it's paper but once hardened, it presents a problem of the opening being a little small. I'm thinking about having the back part of the helmet removable so I can actually stick my head in. I've only heard of helmets where it's in two separate pieces so I'm hoping to find some information on that.

View attachment 22821 View attachment 22822 View attachment 22823

Right now I'm in the middle of building the right Outerplated forearm. It's about half way assembled and I should get it done by the end of the week.

I started watching the original X-Files so hopefully that doesn't take much of my armor building time.

Thanks for stopping by!
Your pep is so crisp! Skillz.

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You're the best! Thank you for taking the time to take a plethora of screenshots. It means a lot!

Here, have a cookie :)

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Been gone for a little while but I'm still plugging away! I finished the other forearm but failed to take any pictures of them. Once I figure out how the smaller pieces are going to attach to the undersuit, I'll take pictures of them. In the mean time, I also finished a Rogue shoulder. One thing I like about the Rogue shoulder is that there is an arm band that attaches to the main part of the shoulder. The Rogue shoulder file was designed as two separate pieces to eventually join together.

DSCN1726 resixe.jpg DSCN1727 resize.jpg DSCN1728 resize.jpg DSCN1729 resize.jpg

Instead of gluing the two pieces together, I decided to use magnets instead. I also used magnets on the arm band so I can put it on and take it off with relative ease. The magnets are powerful enough to hold together when I flex and do some extreme movements :)

DSCN1730 resize.jpg DSCN1731 resize.jpg DSCN1732 resize.jpg

As for the scale, I think it's about right. Once I get the chest built, I think the shoulders will complement the chest. As for the photo, it's sitting a little low. I would ideally like it to be higher. I'll probably end up using some purse snaps with an elastic band attached to the chest, to hold the shoulder in place.

DSCN1734 resize.jpg

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the results :) I did encounter some trouble with some of the assembly but working with foam gives me so much versatility that it was easy to solve. Once I'm done with all of my foam pieces, it will be time to move on to the smoothing stage.

Thanks for stopping by!

DSCN1726 resixe.jpg

DSCN1727 resize.jpg

DSCN1728 resize.jpg

DSCN1729 resize.jpg

DSCN1730 resize.jpg

DSCN1731 resize.jpg

DSCN1732 resize.jpg

DSCN1734 resize.jpg
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It's like Parkay! I can't believe its foam!!! paRKAY.png

Looks Fantastic!!! There is so much detail you put in to foam......amazing!!!



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Thank you! Haha, I love that picture by the way :)


Thank you! It took me a while but I feel better than ever when working with foam.

I'm currently working on the next shoulder and I would say it's halfway done. I hope to have another update in the next several days.


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Looking forward to the next update, these look SUPER crisp.

Thanks for making your Pep guide by the way, made explaining Pep to my buddies way easier!


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Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted progress on this build. Time for a revival! Long story short, life happened. Got married, school full-time and working part-time. Lost interest in building for a little while but this project was always in the back of my mind. Got back into building earlier this year but built slowly. Now that summer is here, I've had more time to work on this armor. With all that time, there are changes to be had.

Originally, I was planning on doing the full Rogue armor with Seahawk colors. Instead of the Rogue helmet, I'm opting for the Halo Wars Concept Helmet and I'm changing the color scheme to an olive green with a little bit of rust. I can't help but love olive green, especially on Halo armor. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to some pictures! There's a lot so be prepared!


So basically I've almost finished all of the parts. I only need to create the groin part and the shoulder techsuit part. This is of course excluding the helmet but I'll get to that in a moment. Here are some more closeups of each individual part.


For this boot design, I opted for a more open look versus a closed look. I wanted no restrictions as far the shoe is concerned. There are two elastic straps on each side that get snapped to the top of the boot like so. I've thought about putting some thin foam around the shoe part but I thought it would look a little tacky since the top part of the boot is going to move constantly.


These are the shins. I plan on using some elastic strapping to hold the 5 pieces together. I neglected to include the other 2 pieces for each image because they still need some work on them.


Next up the thighs. Still needs some smoothing out. Overall, it's coming along nicely. I'm thinking about using a combination of Velcro and purse snaps to secure it to my undersuit.


It was eventually going to come to this...the butt plate. Right now I'm in the process of sealing it with PVA glue. Just as the thighs, I'm probably going to use a combination of purse snaps and velcro to secure it to my rear end.


Alright now onto the forearms. I've added a few extra details to the forearms. Now I'm in the process of applying PVA glue. I also tested out painting one of the elbow parts to get a better picture on how it was coming out. Not too shabby.


Just some sealing and smoothing on these shoulder parts.


Part of the Rogue chest. Both of these parts are sealed.


Now onto the chest. This one took me quite a while to make but overall, I'm satisfied with the results. I even added my spartan identification on the left part of the chest in braille. It's "057". Just a little personalization :) The top is being secured with magnets and an elastic strap attached with purse snaps. The bottom is secured with buckles. I hope to get some more pictures up with me wearing the chest. I'll take some pictures when the shoulders are all finished and sealed up.


This is the main color of acrylic paint I'll be using for the armor. Still haven't picked out any rust paint as of yet.

Remember my undersuit that I got from BMP props? Well, since that was a dark blue, I now have to paint it black. I'm sticking with an all black undersuit. I'm not a huge fan of the colored undersuit. I tried to just paint it with black acrylic paint and surprise, it don't work so well. At some point in time, I'll make a trip to Lowe's and pick up some plasti-dip. I would do a silicone paint but using plastidip seems a little easier.

Whelp, now comes the helmet. Since I don't have access to a place to do fiberglassing and bondo, I'm going to try and 3D print a helmet. The helmet I'll be using is the Halo Wars Concept Helmet. It's very reminiscent of the Mark V helmet with some differences.

halo wars concept helmet.PNG halo wars concept helmet2.PNG

Since there wasn't a 3D printable file for this helmet, I had to do a lot of smoothing out and seperating out the parts to be 3D printed. While I don't have a 3D printer, my school does! It's also going to cost me nothing! Maybe I should do some other 3D printing stuff. Anways, I did run into some issues as far as cutting up the model and using subdividing. Whenever I tried to seperate the meshes, parts of the mesh would give a slight curve like the visor pictured above. I wasn't sure how to make those straight again. I tried to sharpen the edges but it only went so far. I can do a lot of repair work so it's not too much trouble. Now I gotta do some research in what types of adhesives to use for the 3D printed helmet.

Well, I think that's it for now! This was a huge update. I hope to keep this build thread updated as best as I can.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


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Almost all of my pieces of armor now have a couple layers of PVA glue on them and the majority of them have the base coat on. I tried to take some pictures with my phone but the pictures came out pretty grainy. Maybe sometime this week I can get better pictures with a better camera. One picture that did come out good was a batch of 3D printed goodies made of ABS I got yesterday!


These are just some of the parts I taped together. Not sure what I'm going to use as far as coating the outside is concerned. I've heard good things about XTC-3D epoxy but I want to do a little more research on alternatives. I'm trying to lean towards non-toxic vapor stuff due to living in an apartment complex. I've read that watered down wood filler works pretty well but I've yet to try it. Any recommendations?

A majority of the parts will need to be sanded down just so I can glue them together. I think that due to adding thickness from Blender kind of skewed the alignment where the parts will go together. But whatevs, I don't mind! I'd rather work with this rather than doing it the pepakura way. I hope to pick up some different grits of sandpaper later tonight so I can start working on this. So excited! Now I just need my old vacuum table or make another one...

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!
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I finally have a 3d printed helmet! There's a decent amount of work that needs to get done on it such as filling in areas to smoothen out, using a mixture of super glue and baking soda to fill in those crevices, coat the outside with a thin layer of epoxy, and put in a thin layer of...something to further strengthen the inside of the helmet. Still have to figure that one out. I was thinking about getting shoe goo, coat the inside and leave it outside for a bit so I don't have to smell it. Still unsure though. But anyways, onto some photos!

DSCN1924[1].JPG DSCN1925[1].JPG DSCN1927[1].JPG DSCN1929[1].JPG

The sad thing is that I can't put the helmet on. I'm going to have to cut the bottom section of the helmet to get my noggin in. I'll probably using heavy duty magnet to hold the 2 sections together.

cutting out.jpg

I also got a picture of what the paint scheme of my armor is going to be. I've only got a base coat of italian olive, the secondary colors of black and rust, and adding an affect to look like paint being buffed off metal. I'm hoping that once a black wash and brown wash are put in the colors will blend a little better.


I've still gotta do my undersuit but that's going on the back burner for the time being. Hopefully I can get around to the undersuit sometime next month.

Some of my time has been taken up by Heroes of Might and Magic 3. So much nostalgia for that game! Gotta have breaks every once and a while, am I right? :D

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!