Fun with Mcfarlane Figures!!


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Funny finding this thread just now.

My Godzirra!




Vs my shoe.

Afew more angles.


im sure youve guessed by now.. this is the 12inch mcfarlane.
I bought it for close up hands on reference for my armor.
The paint jobs $#!T but the detailing is what I wanted it for.

Any one got any ideas on how to remove some of the black paint in the crease detailing let me know, id like to redetail it properly.


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Master Chief DESPERATELY tries to keep it at ten and two


Helllloooo ladies. . . . . . .wanna go for a ride?


Master Chief secretly spikes your drink while keeping his eyes on the law


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Ya know a few years ago when they first came out I started collecting all of the series 1 ones in hope to get all the sets they release but then my brother started to beat all the morale out of me saying how it's a waste of money and they'll never be worth a lot :(. Like a year ago I looked up the first ones and were worth a crapload.
I'll have a few pictures of mine in a few weeks. BTW I got A Series 2 Master Chief and Arbiter for $10 all together.
Do you think that is a good deal? Post Up: 100 posts.


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Tonight on Cheaters
Bill came to us saying that there were "troubles" with his number one spartan lately.

"There just isn't passion in our relationship anymore. He keeps saying he has to 'Go out', that he working on some new project every other week. One day it's some new MMORPG, the next he keeps making up stories about the '4th installment'. I just don't know what to do, I just want my master chief back, help me Cheaters.

It didn't take Cheaters long to find out what the real story was.

**Day one investigation**

These images leave little to the imagination

Apparently these two misbehaving icons can't get enough of one another.

And with the guilt a certainty as these two star stuck lovers lay gently caressing one another in Bill's own bed, it was time to close the investigation and bring our client the unfortunate news

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I loved all the pictures that have been posted. I figured somebody should put some new pictures up since Series 5 is right around the corner. Well, here's a bit from my collection. If you guys, and girls, like the Halo figures, go check out the website
Its very similar to here, and its all about the Halo figures. And its a great bunch of people with a love for Halo. Check them out.
Enjoy the pictures.

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damn..... there was a KB Toys in the mall that was closing.. had a 50% off for all toys... and there was Halo Figures... i knew i should of bought all of it