[Game] Where's DirtDives?


Thought I'd join in the fun :p

Dirtdives got lost while checking out Singapore Comic Con :eek: anyone able to find him in the crowd?





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Yes, that's definitely the dirtdives

Also can I ask...
Where did this beautiful game about everyone's favorite dirtguy originate?
Alright, I did some sleuthing and attempted to trace the origin of this 405th meme. I've found three possible sources tracing back to January of 2019 where it was discovered that xXDashIVXx could be moderately annoyed by photos of dabbing when discussing good poses when taking photos at conventions.

This then evolved through discussion of Dirtdives not being available for HOD Philadelphia 2019 but being there in spirt as he was added to photos after the fact.

It was solidified as a meme by RandomRanger through the addition of the DirtDab to photos of the Ontario/Quebec groups of the Canadian Regiments exploration of Fan Expo as requested by Sean Anwalt. The original tipping point photo was taken by PaiganBoi and added to the Halo Memes thread.

Since then the meme has made multiple appearances through the Convention Game Photo Challenge, Where's Dirtdives and the Bad 405th Photoshop threads as well as many others where he is well hidden.


405th Regiment Officer
Stream Team
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Wow, this is simply the best. So entertaining. Dirt is going to keel over when he sees this. Bravo.

PS: Nice Marine too Spidermonkey60 ! Love the RMO/midwest chest emblem.
Thanks Duke! We had decals for the members who came to the shoot, and i figured id swap it out on mine. Was going to have it say Midwest above the emblem but it felt a little derivative
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