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Well, just made my first Pepakura project, the Master Chief helmet. It was looking pretty decent untill I swapped the peices of tape for glue. I used Gorilla Glue (amazingly strong), and left it there for 4 hours. I came back to find Good ol' Master Chief's helmet disfigured horribly. One of the things I forgot to realize was that the glue has a tendency to expand as it dries. Lesson learned, and I want to try again.

So here's my question, what brand of glue do you guys use? I think I should get a strong glue, because it'll be my first time putting ressin, or fiberglass on something and I need it to hold up.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! :mrgreen:
if it has to be strong i would reconmend you use a glue gun :mrgreen: you wont get as much time to move the pieces but when it dries.... you wont move it......youl have to rip the cardstock
You could try a water and elmer's glue mixture. Brush the flaps, align, and adhere. The mixture seems to 'soak' through the cardstock and when it dries, it is stiffer. I do this sometimes, when I want something to stick good, and I mean good. Just my .02 cents.
I've tried rubber cement and you have to hold the seam in place until it dries, which makes for a tedious build. I found that the trick is to brush the glue on and let it cure for a moment before sticking the seam together.

Someone else suggested hot glue. This would be a strong choice but you'd have to be careful about the mess and make absolutely sure you're not making any mistakes. As Smilie said, you'd end up ripping the cardstock if you need to take apart a seam.

Normal white glue is normally what is used for papercraft projects, and I've heard the name CopyDex thrown around this forum, but I haven't tried either method.

Personally, I just use scotch tape on both sides of the seam, and that works pretty well for me. I figure that as long as you plan on covering the pieces with fiberglass/bondo/paper mache/whatever, it doesn't matter if you can see the tape, right? One real problem you'll encounter with this method is that if you use any sort of aerosol on bare plastic tape, it will shrink, but again if you're covering it up this is hardly a problem.
I found that using a hot glue gun is a bad choice. Why? Well, it is too thick when it dries. If the temperature drops, the glue will give and the adhesion will be gone. I found that hot glue gun usage is good for fabric, but not all that good for paper projects. Just my .02 cents.
I'm using hot glue on my papercraft project because it gives a strong, quick bond that isn't going to come apart. The problem with it is that if you take too long to align the peices and stick it together it isn't as good of a bond.
I use Copydex. It's a Latex based glue.
If you screw up you just peel it off and start again.

PVA glue might also be as good if slightly less forgiving.
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