gonna start the chest piece now

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Sean Bradley

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Jordan you just said the same thing in both posts.. :unsure:

Yes, return the stuff that you didn't mean to buy, and go buy the stuff that you were supposed to get. :oops:

Chitown doesn't have a Lowes, or a Home Depot, or a Pep Boys, or an AutoZone, or an Advance Auto Parts?
I find that hard to believe... any of those stores carry it.
finally i bought the right iteam next stop pepboys for some spary paint any tips on the paint wat kind i should use any way i will start glassing tomarrow finallyz :lol:

Sean Bradley

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Good Jordan, thats the right stuff.

If I were you I wouldn't be so worried about paint right now... you're going to have to put in a lot of time sanding before you're ready to do any painting...
but when you do get to that point.... just regular spraypaints will do... with a coat of sandable primer first.

You know that you don't need to buy all the items before you start right? Buying it all at once adds up fast... it might be a little more affrodable to buy stuff as you need it... and that way you have more time to decide on color, and such...
ok so i was glassing yesterday and saw this crack on it, i think my brother did this any way on how to fix and is the glassing ok for a beginers and do i glass the inside??!!!!


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yes you glass the inside of the piece after your done resining the outisde and yes the crack can be fixed during the resin or fiberglassing stage
ok say i wanna put detail in the chest piece wat do i do put bondo on it??? and do i sand the font and inside before this bondo procuder and how much would that take :D
almost finish my armor!!!!!!!!! got to sinish shins and thighs and wala o and fore arms i get some pics and i finish the fiberglassing on the back and front so i need to sand now... the and some bond filler yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Okay, well, at least you didnt make a new topic for something thats covered in almost every single sticky that lives at the top of the section of the boards. But, using someone elses topic to post questions reguarding your own armor building in is not nice either. This is considered off topic from the original thread. There is also a Search button. Just type in a few key words like, Material, Pepkura, Cardboard. Easy stuff I know.
ok so i got my tools ready and want to know is this alright
and one more qustions wat do i need to make detail on the armor ( i know dermel but wat little thing is it can i see a pic please)
and for the sander is 60 grid ok to use when i sand???
i hate sanding its hard and well i expected it to be....... i just wanna wear it for my friends birthday and well it isn't going out very good it looks terriable, nasty any help i will post pics in a few minutes
only finished the front chest piece fiberglassing is easy but sanding is a pain in the A$$ help guys :cry:
i hate myself :oops:
pafford09 said:
well you can use spot putty like i did for my helmet
wats that can i see a picture please
i mean man is fiberglass hard to sand how do you know its done i just want to fiberglass the outside and bondo the out side to just detail it and paint it is that ok or bad hit me up please gotto be done by sep 29
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