Grand daddy of Pepakura File

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It's not that much of a biggy, but I didn't see the Master Chief in there?

People might want that as well..for those doing the pepakura scene.

Just a friendly heads up. ;-)
I've only made one Pepakura before as a test, and I think it came out pretty well, (I won't say what it was, except that it was Halo oriented, or you will laugh at my for my laziness) but I don't like redo-ing things unless I have too, and I don't want to fool around with it for a long time.

What should I scale the SMG too?

Many, many, many thanks in advance.

Please PM me with the details, or you could post it too for others, just make sure you PM me ok? THANKS SO MUCH!
3059 Seems to work with every one of these. Thats what I used for a Plasma Pistol and it seems to be about perfect. I just got the in game dimensions for it and used those. That is the scale I got.
i think you need win.rar to open zip files i use it for a program to get custom counter strike sprays because the file i need is in a win.rar file this also needs it too i guess
papamurf812 said:
I scaled the BR to 3059.005253 and it's almost exact. Don't know if that carries over.

Will that scale work for a MA5C?
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