- Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons


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I just finished my costume last night, and for my first every attempt at anything like this I am very proud of the outcome. Actually I also had a deadline of three months because of an event I am attending tonight, so making my first costume in three months while dealing with school at the same time I believe deserves som cred haha :)

I used pepakura and fiberglass/resin, as well as some bondo to make it.
The gun is a nerf gun (Swarmfire) painted to fit in.
I have also installed lights in shoulders, thighs and helmet but they're not on in the pictures.

Also god dammit, the hardest part was definately to scale down the parts to my size... Master chief is taller than 6'5" and I'm only 5'1" haha.




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I'm pretty noob in this of making armors and prop making (started in 2015) but, I've been getting much better :) so, this is my 2nd ODST armor (ignore the feet, I didn't use the boots for the photo haha)
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Hi John,
it is all pepakura: paper, fiberglass, resin and bondo. I don't have a tutorial, sorry, but you cal follow the process taking a look at my thread...


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hello morkar78
my best regards in advance.
regarding the MJOLNIR.
I've seen it on sale.
i do wish you could see it by yourself but i cannot post the picture because is too large.
or i do not know how to do it.
anyway as a always say i'll put on sale my organs to get it.
and farewell my friend.


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Hey all thought I'd finally join the bandwagon, here are my current two halo suits, Halo 4 Master Chief made in 2013(?) and Halo 5 Kelly made in 2015/2016
I constructed both from foam, with the exception of Kelly's helmet which was 3D printed by Roshprops


10376851_434887596654512_290367333330638879_n.jpg 17103277_1265614503523545_7839885194035145456_n.jpg 14543718_771996709610264_1755799861132395884_o.jpg 13998_476836529126285_4380325147655684231_n.jpg


16807206_850400348436566_2778446776561478931_n.jpg 13894991_742439815899287_4870131643377295954_n.jpg 13418779_718735788269690_1599765070332632405_n.jpg 14492399_771290983014170_8147836901643444905_n.jpg

Here they are side by side at PAX Australia last year, a friend of mine is luckily just able to get into the Chief suit.


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how did i forget to post here?!
so I've had my odst for just under a year now and its had a few changes but ill just show the most recent variation of it. Im going to give it to my cousin to wear to conventions once i finish my halo reach master chief build.
These photos are from RTX Sydney 2017
DSC00668.jpgDSC00675.jpgDSC00684.jpg DSC00698.jpg DSC00703.jpg DSCF9553.jpg DSCF9556.jpg