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Halo 2 - UNSC ODST

Halo 2 - UNSC ODST 1.0

No permission to download


Jr Member
Man, most likely gonna make the Halo 2 ODST once I start and finish my Halo 4/5 Spartan armor.


Didn't know where else to put this question. I have a pep file for an ODST helmet. Originally, I was going to just make a helmet for decorative purposes, but then I got sucked in and am committed to a whole set of armor. So, I downloaded the rest of the pep files I need for ODST armor. I then realized that my helmet is Halo 2 and the rest of the armor is Halo 3 ODST. The differences are minimal, and I do not want to start over.

Is the community going to be upset that I have a Halo 2 ODST helmet with my Halo 3 ODST armor?