Halo 3 Armor Build


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Thank you again for the tips!
I’m leaning more towards a balance of presence and mobility, but you bring up great points for both.

Time for another super overdue update (been at least 2 weeks since the last one). No pictures on this one, but will have some up soon.

Due to the impending start of my sophomore year of college, I’ve had to revise my timetable quite a bit.
I’ve only got until the first or second week of August to get everything completely done, or at minimum, hardened and painted.
I won’t be able to use any of the resins or Bondo at my apartment (at least, not safely). I’d also prefer to just get the painting done too so I don’t have to worry about it, and save the strapping and padding for later.

I’m also not sure if I’ll have the time to add the Recon attachment; I’ve already had to drop the E.V.A shoulders due to lack of time.
I need to get all of the required parts completed before I move on to the extras, and depending on some other external factors, I may get to it or I may not.

On the bright side, everything has been built and resined with 1 to 2 coats, excluding the chestpiece (which I just finished pepping today), the helmet, and the handplates. Figuring out the ratios for resin to hardener wasn’t super hard, and I have a really reliable process for it as well.
I need to do some research on the ratios for rondo (I believe it’s just 1:1 Bondo to resin, 1:1 hardener for both as well, with a bit more resin for a more liquid state). I also got the fiberglass cloth as well, so I’ll be using that on everything when the time comes.

As for the chestpiece, the fitting was near perfect, though it was a little snug around the lower ribs. The proportions were nice as well; large but allowing movement at the midsection.
Also the little plate at the bottom near the abs wasn’t impeding movement, which is an issue I’ve heard that can happen.
So, to fix the snug area, I cut the wraparound supports at the back and added a bit over an inch of cardstock to both sides. If I find that it’s still too snug after hardening, I’ll likely just use straps and buckles to make the separation between front and back adjustable on the bottom.
Granted, I can’t test fit it now since my head doesn’t fit through the neck hole (which is to be expected), but it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

I’ll get some pictures of everything up hopefully by tomorrow or the next day, and then it’s off to the last 3 required pieces, and on to the hardening stage.

Should be fun!
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