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    Pepped Pieces:
    1 Chestpiece
    2 Biceps
    2 Gauntlets
    1 Codpiece
    2 Thighs
    2 Shins
    2 Boots

    Remaining Pieces:
    Recon Chest Attachment
    2 Handplates

    Resined Pieces:
    All except Helmet, chest and handplates


    It’s been a long time since I made any builds, aside from an old Artorias build back in high school and a freehand Halo costume that I made after graduation.
    So, I figured that since summer break from college is coming up in a few weeks, I’d try my hand at a Halo armor build, this time using Pepakura.

    I’ve decided that I’ll be building a set of Halo 3 Armor, with custom parts based off my own multiplayer character. They’ll be:
    .Mk. V Helmet
    .Recon Chest
    .E.V.A Shoulders

    Next step is to get the files and scale everything, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

    I intend to get started once I fly back home, which is late April. I hope to have progress images by that time or early May by the latest, but we’ll see.
    The plan is to build everything with cardstock, then add resin, fiberglass and Bondo. Then the weathering and painting as well.

    Looking forward to getting started!

    So, you may have noticed that the thread had suddenly jumped from a Halo 5 build to a Halo 3 build.
    My original intent was to build the Helljumper armor from Halo 5. However, I realized a little while ago that there are some design problems with the actual layout of the armor.
    For starters, the way then shoulders are built makes them so large that the act of raising my arms laterally becomes nearly impossible, as they appear to grind into the chest piece. Theoretically, this could also impede forward movement of the arms, making it hard to carry prop weapons.
    In order for me to have even limited range of motion, I’d need to cut them down fairly significantly, and if I try to build them as described, the slightest error could potentially mean rebuilding.
    Since this is my first ever Pepakura Project, I think it would be better served if I started with something more familiar to me, which Halo 3 armors are.
    There are other areas on the armor that have a similar issue, and challenges with the exposed undersuit areas.
    In summary, despite my eagerness to build it, my lack of time and experience threw a Warthog sized wrench in the works.
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    Good luck on the build. I am excited to see your progression on this build.
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    Yes it is definitely easier to start with something simple than hard for your first venture. Halo 5 suits can be very detailed and take a loooong time especially if you're doing it with pepakura.
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    Oh definitely, and to think that I thought a 500+ piece chestpiece would be a good idea at first :rolleyes:

    But I like the files for 3; challenging but also beginner friendly
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    Quick Update:

    I’ve gotten all the needed Pepakura files scaled, and I’ve cross referenced the measurements with myself. They all seem to work out, so I hopefully won’t have any sizing issues.

    Unfortunately, I only found one file for the Mark V Helmet, which is a little over 200 pieces. That’s a bit out of my comfort zone, especially for a piece as iconic as the helmet, so I switched to the Mark VI Helmet. All other pieces (the E.V.A shoulders and Recon chest) are still being used as planned.

    I also got ahold of a foam schematic for the Halo 3 Assault Rifle, which I’ll build only after the armor itself is complete, if I have time. If I run out of time, I have a BoomCo plasma pistol I can substitute with instead.

    Finals week is almost over at school, and I head back home at the end of this week. I’m hoping to get started and get some progress pictures up by next week, but we’ll see.
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  8. Sp00kyN1njas

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    I finally was able to get started, but I ended up keeping the VI Helmet over the V
    But thank you for finding it! I have a friend who’s considering a Halo CE build so I’ll pass it along
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    So I was finally able to get started!

    And I’ve already hit a snag, so to speak. I had all the files printed to card stock, and I decided to begin with the forearms first. Almost immediately I realized that the wrist opening is an inch and a half too small to fit, and trimming it to fit would involve cutting into the bulk of the arm. So, I’ll have to re scale and re print later on.

    I moved on to the shins, which I was a bit worried about fitting since I had to make a revision the day before. So far, I’m not having any issues. The opening fits with some room to spare, and isn't too tight.

    I did decide to trim the backing at the area behind the knee, just to give myself a little more space for my leg to move while walking. Before I build the bottom section and close it up, I’ll need to test the ankle opening too.
    When it comes to strapping, I’m definitely going to have to split the piece either down the rear middle or at the sides. I won’t be able to slide my foot through it, so I’ll have to research some strapping ideas for it.

    My intent is to build the shins a bit on the shorter side, leaving some extra space between the boot and the lower shin. Mainly inorder to give my feet a little more mobility. Plus, since I have large feet, the boots are going to be a bit bigger than average, and I don’t want to make it so walking around becomes difficult. Similar to the image below

    So far, my plan is to build one of each piece, starting with the openings (ex: bicep opening, wrist, thigh above knee, etc) so I can figure out which pieces need to be rescaled, if any. Once I wrap up the first shin, I’ll do either the thigh or boot next, and move up from there.
  10. Sp00kyN1njas

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    More progress!

    I completed the right thigh piece, and test fitted it too. My measurements were good, and it fits perfectly, whether my leg is straight or bent.
    I also finished the shin piece from earlier, with no issues. I still can’t test fit it yet due to my foot being to big to slide through, but when comparing the measurement of the lower opening to my ankle, there’s plenty of room,

    I also planned to start building the boot, which I partially completed. The toe section is built and reinforced with popsicle sticks to keep it from warping.
    I didn't build the back boot section yet, in part because I’m not sure how to set it up. The boot file I’m using is one complete piece, and in order to allow enough room for my foot to flex, I’ll need to take out the middle section. I just haven’t decided if I should do the before or after the hardening process.

    I moved on for the time being and decided to build the codpiece. It took me a lot shorter than I originally expected, and it fits perfectly. Luckily I caught a measurement error before I started constructing it, so I was able to reprint and save myself some time.
    There’s about a centimeter or two of extra space in the belt section, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with padding in the later stages.

    Up next, I’m probably going to build the adjacent shin and thigh piece, before moving on to the forearms and shoulders. I still plan on saving the helmet towards the end, but I also might do the boots last so I have more time to plan them out.
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    The recon chest has to be my all-time favorite. I can't wait to see how that turns out.
  12. Sp00kyN1njas

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    Same here, I had that piece on my character since the day got it. Nothing else compares :D
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    Quick update

    I don’t have any new pictures today, but figured I’d add an update on how everything is coming.

    I’ve decided to complete everything from the waist down, before I move on to the upper body. I already finished the second thigh section, as well as the first boot. I’m going to work on the second shin, then the final boot before moving on.

    I’ve started running into issues with some of the pieces themselves, but only with a certain type of measurement. For example, the fitting of the thighs was perfect, but they themselves were too long and they interfere with the codpiece. The length of the shins was exactly what it needed to be, but the fitting was a tad too snug for my tastes, especially near the foot. The boot itself is fine, however since my shoes are really big, they too are on the large side.

    Since I’ve managed to hit some measurements on the nose, I didn’t think rescaling would be my solution, so I decided to do some, “Pepakura Surgery” ™️.

    For the thighs, I noticed that they were comprised of a top, middle, and bottom row. So, I detached the top row, and lowered it down by 4 cm into the middle row.
    For the shins, I cut a line down the opposite sides, and glued an excess piece of cardstock to each side, which was shaped to fit in the cut. This expanded the shins slightly, allowing for a bigger fit while retaining the length, and giving it some bulk. I still can’t slide it over my foot, but I don’t have to worry about fitting it anymore.

    The only issue with doing something like this is that I risk warping the piece and losing accuracy. So far, everything is holding up, and the minor imperfections that have showed up can easily be fixed with Bondo.
    I don’t foresee any cuts that need to be made for the boots, at least not until after the Resin or Bondo stage (cut out the middle section so my foot can flex while walking.

    I hope to have some pictures ready by Friday or Saturday, and maybe even be finished with the lower body as well.:D
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    Nothing like saying I’ll have an update in a few days, then having a week pass without said update :rolleyes:

    Anyways, apologies for the delay. I got a summer job, my family is selling our house to move across country, and I had to rebuild the shins (I’ll explain shortly).
    On the bright side, the lower body is completely built now, and my idea of Pepakura Surgery worked, although not without its share of problems.

    To start, I was able to expand the size of the shin, so it was now proportional to the boots. I ended up having to scrap and rebuild the right shin, as I made some bad cuts and warped it the wrong way. The left shin went a lot better, and I was able to match it with the newly built right shin. Here they are below in comparison to the boots.

    Also, banana for scale

    I did a fitting test with the thighs and codpiece. They fit perfectly.

    I’ll still need a small amount of pads for the belt to keep it in place, but nothing too serious.

    Another thing that struck me as I was comparing the proportions of things was the lack of detail. Granted, this is the low definition files, but I felt it could have just a bit more to it. Nothing too extensive, but enough to convey some form of detail.
    So, I started with the boots, and made some templates to add the “bolt” holes to the center square of the boot. I also add some “straps” that connect to the center square and move down towards the middle side of the piece.

    They’re a bit hard to see, but they’ll be more visible after everything is hardened/painted

    I also wanted to add a little something to the shins, just to fit with the minimal boot detail. I ended up taking the circular cutouts from the boot template and glued them to the knee pads to simulate bolts once again

    Here’s the results combined

    Nothing major, but it at least breaks up the blandness.

    Next, I moved back to the thighs. For some reason, the file has ridges that go up the top of the piece around the back and to the side of the leg, but none move to the front of the leg. So, I made some rough estimates and drew out some pieces, which I then cut and added to the thigh, completing the ridge and matching with the rear.

    I’m also considering adding lights to some of the pieces, especially the thighs in particular. However, the area where the lights on the lower front would be is only a single sheet of cardstock. There’s not a lot of room to safely wire them in without having it rest on my leg. This is also due to how I don’t have the space for a padding to cover it up and prevent contact.
    To fix this I decided to build a small box, from scratch, that sits where the lights would be, while providing a small container to hold the wires, lights and battery.
    However, it does deviate from the armor design, as the original light housing isn’t really a box. This doesn’t really bother me that much, as I’ve already had to make changes to the design so it fits me better. I think it looks a bit better in person, but that’s just me.

    And there you have it!

    My next step is going to be the arms, probably starting with the shoulders, then the forearms. I’m saving the chest and helmet for last, since they’re going to be the most complicated parts.
    I’ve started looking into resins to use for the harderning process, and right now I’m looking at the Bondo brand Fiberglass Resin.
    I’ll do some more looking into the hardening process as the Pepakura stages start to wind down.

    I hope to have another update on my progress fairly soon, depending on how busy things get.
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    Looking good can't to see more progress!
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    Just wanted to provide another update, considering it’s been a few weeks now.

    Progress has slowed pretty significantly. Between work, showings for the house we’re selling, and some other art projects I’ve been working on, I haven’t had a lot of time dedicate to the build. Particularly since I have to pack everything away every time someone wants to see the house, I don’t want to get invested in piece that I know I’ll end up rushing to complete before I have to put it away again.

    Nevertheless, I do have some updates to shell out this time around.
    I was able to get enough time to build the first gauntlet, as well as getting a solid start on the bicep section.
    I had to rescale the gauntlets a second time in Pepakura, as they still weren’t fitting my wrist. This time, I definitely got the measurement down, and I can even slide my arm through without damaging anything, which is a plus.

    The only drawback is that the opening near the elbow is extremely large, nearly twice the circumference of my upper arm. I’m definitely going to have to add padding to compensate for this, the only thing is I’m not sure if they make padding that’s thick enough.
    Some pictures below;

    The gauntlet is a bit loose as well, so it slides down my arm just a little bit. You can kind of see that effect in the image above.

    This is the gap I was referring to at the upper arm. I really like the scale and the fitting at the wrist is perfect. I’m just not sure how to best tackle this section, whether adding ridges or beefing up the inside with padding after the hardening stage.

    The plan going forward remains the same; I’m going to finish the bicep piece in order to ensure that it fits properly, followed up by the opposite gauntlet and bicep, then the chest, the Recon attachment, then the helmet. I’ll save the handplates for last since they’re fairly straightforward and only a few pieces.

    I have a good chunk of days off next week, so that’s gonna be the best time for me to get more done.

    Might even be finished building within the next two weeks!
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    Hey Sp00kyN1njas......You have a few option available to you.

    1) you could go back in to pep and redo the sizing to reduce the size of the opening but that would also reduce the size of the length and opening at the wrist. Compensate by cutting the wrist opening a bit more.

    2) purchase armorsmith. This program will allow you to scale each piece according to you body size w/o resizing other sections of the same piece. This will unfortunately force you to redo the current piece.

    3) Furniture foam.....or upholstery foam (depending on where you live). It comes in several thickness. Use contact cement to attach to the inside and cut away as needed. Don't us hot glue as this will melt the foam. You will need special paint for this if you use spray paint. Regular spray paint will eat foam. Krylon makes one but you have to make sure it says H2o Latex. Or use a water based latex house or air brush color paints. It needs to be painted otherwise it will show.

    4) Now since you have already built the forearm, and if you want to risk it.....you could cut out an elongated triangle shape on the inside part of the forearm and either overlap the cut or use a some scrap 110lb paper to pinch close and glue the cut like a band-aid on the inside. Once you have hardened the piece (fiberglass and bondo) and after sanding it down, you will never know it was cut.

    This last one is tricky but can be done, just know some puckering can occur at the point of the cut. Either make a release cut or wait till after hardening to sand down.

    Good luck and happy building. Welcome to the 405th.
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  18. Sp00kyN1njas

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    Thank you for the tips!

    Right now I’m leaning more towards the foam option, I really like the sizing and the fitting of the forearm in the wrist area. I could resize to be a tad bit smaller, but I’d prefer not to risk getting it too tight.
    Plus there’s not a lot of material to cut away at the wrist, at least not without losing some of the three dimensionally of it.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to doing the 4th option, with the cutting and overlapping, as I already did something like that for the shins. But before I consider that, I’ll be building the bicep pieces first, just to compare the sizing and proportions to the forearm.
    If they look good and fit well enough, I’ll likely just stick with extra foam.

    I was also looking into some hardening techniques for when I get to that stage, and I stumbled across something called mudglassing. Looks like it uses a mix of resin and Bondo that can be poured on the inside of a piece after resining the outside. Followed up by adding fiberglass cloth as the mixture solidifies and resining the inside again once it’s completely dry.

    Would something like that be a better idea then the standard resin and Bondo method in terms of durability?
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    Another short update, this time with some slight issues that popped up.

    I wanted to get a shoulder piece built so I could check the fitting and compare the proportions to the gauntlet. I ended up building one, then realizing it might be a bit on the small side in terms of scale.

    So, I went back into Pepakura and added 2 centimeters to its length, then rebuilt it with the new dimensions. Now that the new one is done, I’m not sure which one is the safe bet. The slightly smaller one fits well, but I’m not too sure if the proportions are correct. The large one also fits, but is a bit more roomy.

    The larger one, in comparison to the gauntlet.

    The smaller one. I hadn’t built the left gauntlet yet and I accidentally built the left shoulder instead of the right one (mislabeled it). This is why the gauntlet is upside down.

    Size difference between the two pieces.

    I feel like the proportions and fitting are close enough on both shoulders that it wouldn’t be a significant issue on which one I use, but I’m just not sure which one would be the right choice in terms of accuracy.
  20. Dirtdives

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    Two schools of thought here. 1) go big. You want to portray a more impressive and imposing figure w/ larger pieces. Add risers under your feet to make your self taller. Make the weapon slightly larger than normal All to give yourself a larger than life look. Go big...... or go home.

    2) form fit. Make the pieces just the right size to insure they don’t rub together. Keep them to a size that allows ease of movement and manageability. You loose some sense of presence but shows a stronger sense of precision in your build.

    Bottoms line it’s something you are going to have to come to a decision on your own and go with it or redo. Sucks but only you can decide how to proceed. It’s your body and your armor. You have the choices.

    Good luck Mr. Phelps. This message will self destruct in 5 seconds.
  21. Sp00kyN1njas

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    Thank you again for the tips!
    I’m leaning more towards a balance of presence and mobility, but you bring up great points for both.

    Time for another super overdue update (been at least 2 weeks since the last one). No pictures on this one, but will have some up soon.

    Due to the impending start of my sophomore year of college, I’ve had to revise my timetable quite a bit.
    I’ve only got until the first or second week of August to get everything completely done, or at minimum, hardened and painted.
    I won’t be able to use any of the resins or Bondo at my apartment (at least, not safely). I’d also prefer to just get the painting done too so I don’t have to worry about it, and save the strapping and padding for later.

    I’m also not sure if I’ll have the time to add the Recon attachment; I’ve already had to drop the E.V.A shoulders due to lack of time.
    I need to get all of the required parts completed before I move on to the extras, and depending on some other external factors, I may get to it or I may not.

    On the bright side, everything has been built and resined with 1 to 2 coats, excluding the chestpiece (which I just finished pepping today), the helmet, and the handplates. Figuring out the ratios for resin to hardener wasn’t super hard, and I have a really reliable process for it as well.
    I need to do some research on the ratios for rondo (I believe it’s just 1:1 Bondo to resin, 1:1 hardener for both as well, with a bit more resin for a more liquid state). I also got the fiberglass cloth as well, so I’ll be using that on everything when the time comes.

    As for the chestpiece, the fitting was near perfect, though it was a little snug around the lower ribs. The proportions were nice as well; large but allowing movement at the midsection.
    Also the little plate at the bottom near the abs wasn’t impeding movement, which is an issue I’ve heard that can happen.
    So, to fix the snug area, I cut the wraparound supports at the back and added a bit over an inch of cardstock to both sides. If I find that it’s still too snug after hardening, I’ll likely just use straps and buckles to make the separation between front and back adjustable on the bottom.
    Granted, I can’t test fit it now since my head doesn’t fit through the neck hole (which is to be expected), but it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

    I’ll get some pictures of everything up hopefully by tomorrow or the next day, and then it’s off to the last 3 required pieces, and on to the hardening stage.

    Should be fun!
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