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Nova Chief

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Do you think it will be cool to be (have an option to be an alien) one of the covenant on Halo 3,for Multiplayer? I think it would be kinda cool to have that option. Thoughts?
You can be an Elite in Halo 2, it's just that nobody uses them because they have more 'magnetism,' meaning the reticle is slightly more 'pulled' to them, and they have longer heads, easier for sniping.
from the front anyways, although if your sniping from behind spartan is easier, what they need is a halo game like battlefront/battlefield, where you can be different classes of marines or covenant and have it during the earlier years of the war or even the later parts before the covenant break apart
Nova_Chief said:
I am talking about like being a drone,hunter,grunt,jackle etc. That would be cool. :mrgreen:

That sure would make machinima a lot easier.
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